Monday, June 6, 2011

Some Week Starting Wins

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  1. BEN

  2. It’s called Hide, Garret. Use it.

  3. Mm, ferret wang…

  4. Ferrets do have belly buttons.

  5. Yeah, keep telling yourself that…

  6. All mammals that give live births have belly buttons.

  7. Garret is stupid. He’s being a whiny little bitch for no reason. They can talk however they fucking want.

    Everyone has said #2 at some point in their life.

    I don’t believe that ferrets don’t have belly buttons. They’re mammals and grow in the womb and need nutrients. If they were hatched then maybe not, but they aren’t lizards jackass (although to be fair, it would be funny if they were giving him a little ferret blowjob).

    I might be a little bit angry this morning.

  8. Why is #2 up there?

  9. i agree with lexluther about the ferret belly button. they have belly buttons unless they were born from an egg

  10. OMG – Guess he should have spent an hour making every word exact – the point of the story was that they don’t have PROTRUDING belly buttons and the belly buttons cannot be SEEN on a male ferret! The penis is often mistaken for a belly button. Geez.

  11. Way to TOTALLY miss the humor in this story. How funny to see an owner of a ferret repeatedly kissing the ferret’s penis while baby talking that “he just ‘loves’ his belly button kissed.” The doctor must have nearly burst a blood vessel trying to keep from laughing.

  12. Did you send this post in perhaps, Lapada?

  13. I’m with Garret…some people I don’t wanna hide for my own personal stalking reason, but I don’t wanna be greeted by lame 2 week courtship conversations the 1,795,936,394,649 times that I update my news feed!

  14. apada, why would you submit crap like that for?

  15. Apada… well if his wife works at the clinic, you might expect him to get the facts of the story straight. Either she doesn’t know her job very well, or she told it correctly, but he mixed up the crucial details in the 2 minutes it took him to boot up his faceworld.

    Anyhow, thank you for clearing this up. I’m sure we can all appreciate this anecdote better now. Just gimme a minute.

    Oh, yeah,… here it comes: roflololololololol a ah ha ha ha ha HAAA HAA HAAA.
    Wow, that was wonderful.

  16. I have a ferret, but I’ve never seen his wang…

  17. Sorry, ladyda and noodles, the submission was not mine. I just get frustrated when I go to a site that is supposed to bring enjoyment to the reader, and it is ruined by negative comments. My fault for reading them – I should know better. 🙂

    LOL, thanks buckle-up. 🙂 In my humble opinion, it just did not seem a crucial detail to me. It seems it would have sounded stupid for him to have said, “…ferrets do not have visible or protruding belly buttons unless you shave the area of the abdomen and look for the darker spot, just penises that are very high up on the abdomen.” 🙂

    I just think it is petty of people to overlook the point of these posts. Besides, it is a FB post – since when are they ever perfectly written?

  18. @Garret Mind your own business, STFU, or delete them if you want to piss and moan so much. Or, here’s another great thought….did you know you can HIDE posts from certain people on your facebook?

    Have a good day.

  19. After seeing that Garret uses the term ‘y’all’ when writing, I would be covering his updates with all sorts of sh!t, starting with English class advertisements.

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