Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Someone be Her bf

Someone be Her bf

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  1. Your sister has a boyfriend because she is not a lameass who is crying over a former American Idol contestant.

  2. someone’s itchin’ for a dickin’

  3. Mouth hug?

  4. OMG i like totally know how Michelle feels!! i can so totally relate to her story!!

    once (like a month ago!!!1!) ryan seacrest (he is so totally HOT!!)was in my town and a friend promised me vip tix to see him too but then my friend died and i was really pissed off because they died before i could get the tix!!

    so my life was really sucky too Michelle! :'(( it took me A LONG time to get over the fact that i didn’t get the tix but things DID get eventully get better! hugz for Michelle!

  5. That goddamned David Archuleta, his music is too smooth; he’s driving all the young hussies to tears!

    If it’s any consolation to Michelle, I cried when I couldn’t get into Zac Efron’s trailer during the filming of High School Musical 3. At least the security guards who dragged me off the lot by my ankles were gentle. Semi-gentle.

  6. I get being disappointed, but it just seemed underwhelming…however, saying your life is “sucky” really shouldn’t have made me think it was a huge thing.

    I love how she wanted to meet him again and not just for the first time.

  7. David is gay.

  8. Michelle, honey, here’s what you do:

    Go down to Australia and get yourself a koala bear–a gay one, preferably, for veracity’s sake. Take it home, shave it, and voila! You’ve got your own private David Archuleta. I promise, you won’t even know the difference. Hell, the koala will probably even sing better.

  9. awwww that poor thing couldnt get tix to the concert and is bawling her eyes out. everyone with cancer and brain tumors should feel sorry for her because her life is so sucky.

  10. haha omg worst part by far is the if only i had a boyfriend like my sister shabang. bahaha. this is so sad, she’ll never get a bf like this.

  11. It’s ok Michelle. We all need hug.

  12. She’s probably about 12.

  13. “This goes against my belief in patience, but…”


  14. fuck all ya’ll silly people

  15. He’s as adorable as a monchichi.


  16. Michelle, dont you know that even gay people call David Archuleta gay?

  17. Bitch I don’t know what a monchiching but you a ho, get back to the kitchen.

  18. Hahaha. Omg. I feel SO sorry for this girl. I’m not trying to be mean, but “I wish i had a bf….we could be happy like my sis and her bf….” Uhh… Pathetic much? Maybe i shouldn’t be so quick to make assumptions but this is what i think: This chick is either 10, 11, or 12 & Her sisters probably 16. I dont know any 10 year olds with happy, serious relationships. Hahaha. Just sayin.

  19. Ratcoon nailed it; Michelle had me at “again”.

  20. She needs a real reason to call her life sucky and I’d love to be there when it happened.

  21. What a goddamn brat!

  22. I wonder how badly she cried when David Archuleta lost on American Idol…

  23. Omfg, I can’t believe this girl is from my city. *cries*

  24. somewhereunderthesun

    Isn’t this Hannah Montana?

  25. Well. This really puts my stage three cancer into perspective. :`(((((

  26. You Just Lost The Game

    You guys are so insensitive…
    Brendon seems to be the only one who understands. I may be paralyzed and blind, but I truly feel bad for this girl.

  27. Funny how she mentions wantin a boyfriend after Brandon sympathizes with her -you’re in there Brendon, me thinks!

  28. @kittypotpie
    Except she posts the second status update at 5:55 and Brandon doesn’t comment until 6:04.

  29. Christ on a cracker

    David who? Chuleta con arroz y habichuelas? You hungry, girl?

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