Monday, December 16, 2013

Someone’s been naughty…

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  1. First.. time i’ve seen this post. Good job lamebook!

  2. I hate these little elf fuckers, the pics are getting old, but this one is good.

  3. And he’s not in the bath because……?

  4. ^^^because he’s gay, like you. OH, SNAP!

  5. If you keep recording girls in the shower, it’s your own fault if you go to prison and gets raped!

  6. I felt like being aggravated, so I thought I’d check the comments.
    Now, it may be the spirit of Christmas that’s getting to me, but I actually feel sorry for you fuckers.

  7. Jenny, You know you love STEEEEEEEVERRRRRRRR!!!

  8. The Beast Among Us

    Where I live, there’s no law against hidden shower cameras unless the subjects are under 18.

  9. OP has a lot of spare time.

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