Friday, September 30, 2011

Something Aint Right

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  1. #1 – Where the fuck do you start?

  2. #2-it looks like he’s got a huge dank.

  3. I don’t get the problem with #1. Is it that the bride is large? So large people can’t get married? Is it that she is walking beside a black man? Is this 1945 Mississippi? Is it that an older man happens to be in the background? I just don’t see the lame here.

  4. @scd,
    1. The groom (presumably) is wearing a du-rag to his wedding.
    2. The groom is wearing jeans to his wedding.
    3. This is apparently a uniform, as the old man in the background is wearing the same thing.
    4. The old man looks as though he’s photobombing the shot.
    5. They’re walking through an apparently decrepit area – weeds, old car, tons of power lines, etc. – while they’re at their wedding.

    Enough reasons?

  5. They are probably too poor to think it’s worth it to spend $100 on a tux rental. Who cares? The bride has done well to get herself that relatively nice dress. Not funny lamebook.

  6. @Glue- I’m with sed
    1. Why presume he’s the groom?
    2. See above.
    3. If the man is wearing jeans, well, as Zappa once said, ‘everyone in this room is wearing a uniform, don’t kid yourself’.
    4. Or the old man is just standing there.
    5. Perhaps she’s at her house, not yet at the wedding venue?

  7. They look like bikers with little money in a poor community. You make the best of your situation. Nothing lame here.

  8. Maybe it’s not even a wedding. Maybe she’s dedicated to a costume. They should have shown the album name. Context, people!

    Also, I vote Meisha as a fake name.



  10. I think you all are all over analyzing #1. I think the “funny” thing is supposed to be the old man in the background looking like he’s sneaking around.

  11. I like the matching ‘do-rags and khaki shirts the bride chose for the groomsmen. Is the groom holding a small-caliber weapon in his hand as well?

  12. I thought the whole deal was the “groom” is holding a gun.

  13. That is one really small gun. I did not even notice until droppo and grief pointed it out.

  14. It’s just a box of condoms.

  15. #1 just looks to me like something funny is about to happen. I get Wile E. Coyote vibes from the old guy.

  16. maybe he’s the bodyguard…or driver…and that ‘gun’ is a box of something. Love/weddings…NOT about fanciness or extravagances, if you can’t afford it, you can’t. I mean look at Hollywood.

  17. @glueyourfingers
    Am I the only one who doesn’t think the area looks bad? The people make it look bad, but other than that it looks pretty normal/average and not at all decrepit. A car that isn’t brand new? Some power lines? Trust me I’ve lived in “decrepit” neighbourhoods.

  18. ^ agreed penisbelenis .. if that’s ‘decrepit’ I must live in a slum.

  19. There is something wrong with the bride’s face. And her body.

  20. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    She is fat Hawkbit.

  21. Clearly the fail in #1 is that the house across the street has the porch light on in the MIDDLE OF THE DAY!

  22. ‘Cuz this is so typical, it simply points out that all people, as represented by these three random examples, in poorer parts of urban communities are fat and/or ugly. In fact, the photographer after snapping this probably yelled, “Jackpot!” assuming that was his goal.

  23. I hate when we get one of those cases where hollier-than-thou lamebookers don’t want to simply laugh and enjoy the weird situation… It’s not going to make that lady fatter or skinnier, or the black guy richer or poorer… Relax…

  24. Is she? Do tell.

  25. People don’t think that pic is amusing? Its very funny. And the ‘bride’s’ veil is flying in the wind. It preys on so many stereotypes. Folks forget being politically correct…it’s funny, not racist.

  26. A little girl gets mouth raped and everyone talks about a wedding photo, now that’s funny.

  27. how did that person ever think “this is THE dress!!”?

  28. @bsconi From the looks of her, I don’t think she had much of a choice… The cheapest selection at the second-hand store.

  29. Tupac’s back! Tupac’s back! Got all you bitches screamin’ that Tupac’s back!

  30. Keisha and Meisha? Seriously? That sounds like a bad superhero double act.

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