Thursday, May 17, 2012

Something Wrong with That

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  1. Well I can tell you I’ve learned my lesson from the last argument about this. There is nothing gross or even unusual about this, it’s perfectly fine and normal and anyone who thinks differently is a sexist asshole.

  2. What’s so wrong about that?! I was breastfed by mum at a parent / teacher interview, it’s completely normal.

    Granted I was the teacher, so it’s a little different and perhaps a little unorthodox, but I was fucking thirsty ok?

  3. That’s perfectly fine, and anyone who felt uncomfortable must be a misogynist. Stand up for your right Imamofo!

  4. Haha of course yours would be the first comment on here 😀

  5. this fake…obviously its trying to be hip bc of that stupid time cover…

  6. God, still feeling the butthurt from that one, are ya cow? Might-could be time to move on!

  7. Not when there’s anger to be mined ourt of others!

  8. crustylovelips

    ^ Do you ever get the urge to wrap your mouth around the kerb and let people jump on the back of your head?

  9. This Charming Man

    I’ve done many a parent-teacher meeting (as the teacher) but this is the first time I’ve heard that happen. Having said that, it doesn’t surprise me in the slightest.

  10. Dawn of the Dan

    5 is too old and if this actually happened, it’s f*cked up.

  11. The child wasn’t 5. He was just an obese 2-year-old.

  12. Tell her it’s impolite not to share. Win win either way she responds!

  13. Dawn of the Dead: YOURE the fucked up one if you think that it’s wrong to breastfeed a five year old. Who are you to judge a woman for what she does? You want to take us back to 50’s sexual politics, well I won’t have it. You dick.

  14. If I ever found out that my mom breastfead me at the age of 5, I would personally kill her.

  15. ^ Isn’t she in hiding because she thinks you’re going to kill her anyway?

  16. I breastfeed my ten month old and I feel he is getting to a creepy age. I couldn’t imagine still breastfeeding my 3 year old. Once they can say boob please, you stop.

  17. scrdva: You’re sexist!!!!

  18. It is better than some friends that never do it because they are creeped out by newborns on their boob. That’s wrong. Hubby wants me to do it till son is two. Leaking milk out of your tits at the sound of a baby crying is something I want to get away from.

  19. Look, if she wants to breastfeed the kid until he’s 12, that’s none of my business. My problem is A. I don’t want to see your tit and B. I don’t want my kids to see your tit so don’t do it at a bloody school.

  20. ^ I only disagree with A.

  21. I think this is a case of backpedaling by the original poster, otherwise why not say ‘breastfeeding a 5 year old at a parent-teacher interview’ in the first place? Personally I don’t really give a shit if people want to breastfeed until 5, even in public, as far as stuff people do in public that makes me want to stab them, breastfeeding doesn’t even make the list.

    “I don’t want my kids to see your tit so don’t do it at a bloody school.” Yeah I only want my kids to see tits in a sexual context in the media, I don’t want my kids thinking tits could have any purpose beyond being honky funbags.

  22. If, as an adult, you can remember being breastfed.. you were too old for it. I mean, how can you look your mother in the eye? Awkward…

  23. smimp, he did it that way for comic effect. He knew someone was going to argue the case for breastfeeding in public and he was all ready to slam that punchline down.

  24. You guys are so sexist, this is the 21st century. If you don’t want your children to see tits without learning about them, why not have the mother or some family member show the kid their tits and let them touch and ask questions about it. That would be the progressive way to go about it, no need to be sexist!!!!

  25. @smimp At home, I have a parent can choose to change the channel or not click a site. And thanks for putting words in my mouth.

  26. goddam that was some Engrish on my part. The point being: I never said that.

  27. ^no, you did infer it, though. Your inference that the human body fulfilling a normal biological function is bad and wrong is nothing more than narrow-minded priggishness, probably as a leftover from the social and moral indoctrination of boring fucking fifties.

    I bet you would secretly pleased if I took a dump on your coffee table. Fucking hypocrite.

  28. @frankenstein, yeah I guess, but it would have been funnier if the kid had been 15
    @ Evilcow, yeah you could do that, or you could just say ‘ thats how mammals feed their babies, just like we get milk from cows’ and leave it at that.
    @bunnyslugger, I know you didnt say that but it was inferred. I apologise though I was being a bit dickish there. And while I applaud your efforts to curb sexual content at home the fact is that sexualisation of breasts in the media goes beyond the overtly pornographic/adult, it would be very hard to eliminate that influence entirely. Not to mention the influence from sources outside the home eg other kids.

    It’s just my personal viewpoint that making a fuss over public breastfeeding is creating a taboo where there doesn’t need to be. I dont know what the fear is, what damage is going to be incurred to a kid seeing breastfeeding.

    And for the record I do find breastfeeding at the age of five a bit odd, but not for any sexual reasons just that I feel a child should have more independence by then.

    Phew this is all a bit heavy for lamebook…..lets talk about circumcision instead 😀

  29. ^fuck bunslug’s table, I now want to take a dump in your coffee.

  30. Circumcision turns me on.

  31. ^I am not suprised

  32. *surprised

  33. @MsAnne But I dont like coffee, will coke do?

  34. tchoch!

  35. Ah nothing like a bit of ‘Bitty’

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