Monday, October 8, 2012


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  1. Fake.

  2. I fucked Kieran then spat in her twat.

  3. slicingupeyeballs

    Erm, pretty sure Kieran is a dudes name…

  4. Fair point, I fucked Kieran and spat in his asshole.

  5. I’m pretty sure Kieran is a minor.

  6. So is 9. And he’s a virgin. Obviously.

  7. I’m reserving judgement until Keiran explains why he spat on the brat. There could be a completely reasonable explanation.

  8. Lubrication, of course…

  9. Admitting he spat on someone shows Kieran is 12 years old with ADD and will probably follow in his (assumed) Dad’s footsteps of working for 4 weeks in the last 22 years, lodge 4 compo claims slipping in the fruit and vege section and watch porn vids 16 hours a day.

  10. ^tell me you’ve never met a kid you didn’t want to spit on and I’ll call you a fucking liar.
    Then realize that not everyone has the same masterful self-control as you. Even if you’ve clearly made up your own definition of masterful.

  11. ^ maybe I need a few lower levels to add to my conflict resolution other than simply a punch to the face, Chinese burn, horse bite and crow peck.
    Spitting is what Chinese people seem to do whilst squatting on the footpath.
    Granted, it is an art to roll the ‘golly’ down the back of the throat, vortexed in the mouth and expunged at high velocity – with accuracy. The flu does help

  12. Hates kids loves Kieran

  13. Kieran is the real victim here.

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