Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Spot On!

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  1. Nice tits. – Jew from Drawn Together

  2. Looks like a spanking paddle to me.

  3. How does the chick think that posing like this is in *any* way attractive? I’ve always thought people that spend hours taking pictures of themselves in the mirror are a little pathetic – but she just looks pathetic.

  4. Bet that’s the same face she makes when she fucks

  5. ^^^^^ She has a face?????

  6. The black dude has his ipad in his left hand angled up towards the mirror.

  7. would still fap over the chick pic rather than the faggot assed faggot with his cap on da wrong way, y’all.

  8. i bet thats not even an ipad

  9. any fucktard that can’t take a self-photo w/o holding the phone/camera in the mirror should be murdered. seriously.

  10. Anyone who thinks you need a mirror to take a photo of yourself with an iPad is incredibly stupid.

  11. You guys do realize that the guy on the bottom is making fun of the girl on top, right?

  12. Mmm, cookies!

  13. see..wats REALLY goin on here is dude just got a new cookie sheet from wally world n needed an excuse 2 show it off

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