Friday, November 20, 2015

Star Wars Spender

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  1. Now he can watch it with all of the girls he’s ever slept with.

  2. I hope it’s Revenge of the Sith levels of dog shit solely for this idiot’s total disappointment.

  3. Ten bucks for a movie ticket? Did he time travel to 2005?

  4. WIth nails like that, he’s a solid poon-hound.

  5. slicingupeyeballs

    He’s probably planning a private wank-fest over princess Leia, not realising she’s a hundred years old now…

  6. Steevvveeerrrr would do that anytime to not have to sink in a stinky cholesterol filled incest tank of Americans while trying to enjoy a peaceful movie/wank

  7. I can’t believe how real the photo looks.

  8. The Beast Among Us

    The theater must be pissed. They make most of their money on concessions, not ticket sales, so to have an empty theater for a blockbuster movie means they’ll be hurting for that time. What an ass.

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