Monday, December 12, 2011

Start your Week with a Win!

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  1. Rereading Dan’s post in the style of Mark Hoppus brought all the pieces together.

  2. I thought I’d heard all the black bird names. But Dawniesha? Get my car girl, we bouncing, yo.

  3. I’m gonna go out on a limb here, and guess that Dawniesha is black. Or a wigger. (Yo).

  4. So ignoring the subtle racism of the previous comments, Dawniesha is absolutely fucking right.

  5. does Hollie look a little old to be obsessed with Bieber there? I can’t tell if she’s like a 29 year old mom, or just a teenager with an old face

    not sure which she’s better off as

  6. Its not subtle racism dwmdm; Dawneisha is definitely black

  7. You know, it doesn’t make you racist to know that certain ethnicities or nationalities have certain names. It’s not racist to know Akira is a Japanese name or that Jarkko is Finnish. Find a single white person named Dawniesha, I defy you.

  8. iamanonion – Flint, Michigan. Or metro Detroit, but mostly Flint. Really. There are white women with names like that more frequently than you’d think.

  9. What is Hollie grabbing?

  10. Look at Hollie’s ‘smile’. It seems to slide right off her face before your eyes.

  11. I said “white person,” Vilexxica, not “godless heathen savage.”

  12. as the person who commented on that status, I can say that Dawniesha is a very intelligent person who, on that status, I completely agreed with, I just couldn’t resist a good play on words. 😉

  13. kirbomatic, we don’t care whether Dawniesha is intelligent or not; just the specifics of her racial qualities. Help us solve an argument, yeah?

  14. I am a white godless heathen savage from Flint.

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