Sunday, September 18, 2011


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  1. First, for what it’s worth.

  2. First one reminds me of the protagonist in the novel “Filth”, and judging by his inconsistant grammar and lack of life skills, maybe college isn’t the best place for him.

  3. Steeeevveeer

  4. ^Fake Steeeever

  5. 40+ likes? Really?

  6. Really? Steeeever, you are so popular that you have a fan so obsessed with you that he wants to be you? WOW!! Now hell can freeze over, because I have seen it all.

  7. Steeeeeveer = Hoooomooooo

  8. Tim gets it

  9. I’d say it’s more like 42 likes. 35 too many.

  10. #1: Not sure why all the teenage boys these days thinks it’s hilarious/cool to admit how misogynistic and pathetic they are.

    #2: Been done before. Be original.

    #3: Also applies to the under 18’s.

  11. stomabeutel v1.1 with added empathic capabilities

    Steeeeveeer is the funniest thing on internet since 2girls1cup.

  12. Yeah if “Cam” was in my dorm and asked me to do his laundry I’d dump his entire hamper of crusty, cum-filled socks on his head. I don’t even like doing my own laundry.

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