Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Stereotype Hype

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  1. Alright this is Prestón. i don’t know who took my status and put it on here, but i’m not racist or have anything vile against muslims. I have a problem with Jihadist because they are ridiculous and kill for no reason. I was pissed about censorship. Not at Muslims.

  2. Dear Prestón,

    I think it was quite clear that you are a gentle soul, and were only referring to Muhammad jacking off as a metaphor for loving oneself to find true peace.

    Yours truly,
    Sóup (does the accent make my penis look smaller?)

  3. Now I might get quite a bit of rant for this but I’m up for it.. I’m a regular reader and a Muslim..

    Firstly the reason why we don’t like anyone mocking/making fun/drawing Muhammad.. It isn’t as simple as “just don’t bother reading/watching it”.. The best and the closest example I can give is.. will you walk away if someone was making fun about your mom.. your sister.. saying crap about them or making nude (yet funny photos) of them?

    We as Muslims believe in our religion and respect (and love) Muhammad. We don’t make fun of any other religion and expect the same in return.

    Secondly, terrorists are NOT muslims! A muslim is not allowed to kill *any* innocent man/woman/child! Its that simple! They are brain washed in to believing whatever crap they are told.

    And finally, if you really want to know about ‘al-qaida’ and ‘osama bin laden’, I’d recommend you start from 1980s when George Bush Sr struck a deal with Osama bin laden’s family (Bin Laden Group Ltd) to drill oil from Saudi wells. Also, do check why Osama Bin Laden had to go to USA to meet Bush Jr before heading to Afghanistan to fight USSR with weapons supplied by USA. USA isn’t fighting a war against terrorism, they are fighting a war against an army they created themselves!


  4. SlappadeBaaaassss

    You see that’s the thing. Yes we laugh at jokes about our mothers. It’s funny. It’s not serious. If someone tried to do something to my mother I would be mad but… jokes are just jokes man. How many funny cartoons are there about Jesus? There is the odd catholic that may get offended, but for the most part everyone understands that it is just a joke. And I assume that muslims are the same way, it must be a few people putting up a fuss about this and making them look bad, because it’s impossible that so many people can’t take a joke. it’s IMPOSSIBLE.

    +Anyone who thinks that all persons of a certain creed or race are terrorists are very dense and insensitive. It is simply a stereotype. There are bad stereotypes about pretty much every different type of person, and they are often made into jokes, which are sometimes on television or movies. You just have to learn to take it all in stride. Getting overly offended and trying to sue or bring it to the media is basically highlighting whatever it was that offended you in the first place and making you look like a dumbass. I’m sure that not all muslims are flipping thier lids over a stupid cartoon. It’s probably just a few persons making them all look bad. I can’t possibly believe that an entire race of people can’t take a joke, so I am assuming that a few people are putting up a huge fuss about this and making them look bad as a whole.

    It’s not that the cartoon/jokes aren’t offensive, because they are. But I bet a few people on here laugh at dead baby jokes. Look at the stuff we read on here everyday… we joke about EVERYTHING. So when someone calls me a FROG because I am french, I just laugh it off.

  5. Aadi – Your reasoning is rather skewed. The mujahidin were VERY grateful for the weapons provided by the US during the 80’s. In fact, if if wasn’t for American support, Afghanistan probably would have remained under the Russian jackboot until the collapse of the Soviet Union. Without American weapons, how do you suppose the mujahidin would have been able to take down Russian helicopters? By shooting at them with their old rifles? Yeah, not likely.

    Comparing jokes made about a deity with someone “making nude” with one’s sister or mother is absolutely off the mark. Try again.

    Don’t act all uppity; Muslims are as likely to be prejudiced against other religions as any other group out there. I mean, haven’t Muslims been threatening to wipe Israel off the map for over 60 years? And tried to actually do it (and failed) at least twice (and that’s not counting Saddam’s attacks with Scud missiles during the Gulf War)?

    You’re just not looking at this objectively. Bin Laden didn’t “have” to go to the US to secure military supply help from the US, but he sure as hell wanted to get the Russian out of Afghanistan and obviously did everything he could to secure help.

  6. What’s happened, happened. They didn’t show no image of Muhammed or make fun of him so no point losing your rag over it.

  7. @Aadi: I understand you don’t like it when people insult Muhammad. But if somebody did anyway … what then? Should that be allowed? Unconditionally, or?

    In Holland, a lot of people were disappointed that, after Mohammed Bouyeri had slaughtered Theo van Gogh, the Muslim community didn’t speak out against such violence en masse. In stead, many Muslims pointed at Van Gogh’s insults, saying that, although they would never be violent themselves, “Van Gogh had it coming”. Does that surprise you as much as it did me?

    … aaaaand back to the usual FTW, first, lame, bla, bla

  8. Agree with others (Especially Miss Shegas) who don’t necessarily think that Ryan was being racist. For example, as a south asian person who has waited tables, I can tell you for sure that other south asians RARELY tip well. It’s not being racist, it’s just an observation. Maybe Ryan’s right – I wouldn’t know, we don’t really have too many people of African descent where I’m at.

    Now, as a Muslim. Most of you are intelligent enough to know that the Muslims making these threats are not even considered Muslims by the rest of us. They’re turds. But it’s not just the crazies who get offended, I’m sure many regular Muslims do too (they just don’t threaten to kill). I don’t know about the past, but maybe so many Muslims freak out because (ever since 9/11) they feel like that the majority of the world is already against them? I agree the reaction is too strong (and stupid), but, remember how anti-American the Russians were during the Cold War? It’s like that, but with Muslims. First it was witches, then commies, now Muslims. They may feel like they are the newest in the line of victims of western propaganda and need for a target to hate.

    Personally, I’m not really offended, I mean, if I was, then I should be equally offended by all the slurs that non-monotheists or monotheists of other faiths make against Jesus (especially since he is considered one of Islam’s 25 prophets)! Freedom of speech, man. It only gets to you if you let it.

    The_DreadLord: About your comment regarding ‘Muslims threatening to wipe Israel off the map for over 60 years’…Ugh. When ICRC, UN, and ICJ have all called on Israel on their (throughout time) various illegal maneuvers… Well, I don’t really need to say anymore on that.

  9. If preston then died in a bombing related accident, I would have to laugh at the irony

  10. What a fucking douchebag that Preston kid is, that post made my skin crawl. Disappear off the face of the planet, seriously.

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