Thursday, July 18, 2013

Stevie Wonders

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  1. Maybe because he’s not an idiot?

  2. You know you’re in Florida by the aroma. A mix of nursing home, amusement park vomit and sweaty Speedos.

  3. Because he’d be shot.

  4. Because the mosquitos would knock him over when they landed on his neck.

  5. Fuck off, Frank. You fat, bearded twat.

  6. Who cares Stevie, you self-important jerk? I don’t care about the “Stand Your Ground” law one way or the other. But the thought of Florida’s congress jamming new legislation into law because they simply can’t live without hearing “Isn’t she lovely” live is asinine.

  7. Unless he somehow gets on the wrong bus or accidentally purchases a plane ticket there, I find it highly unlikely he’s headed there anytime soon.

  8. What is with the shrunken heads on Stevie’s mango sweater?
    Kind of creepy.

  9. ^ They’re from his last trip to Louisiana.

  10. Stevie Wonder should have a long discussion with the person or persons who have been tasked with choosing his outfits on a daily basis for the last 30 or so years. If he was suddenly granted the power of sight and looked back over the years at how he routinely was outfitted, HE would be the one doing the shooting.

    And it would be justified.

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  12. Yeah if a kid doing nothing illegal can get shot in self defense Stevie might get drawn and quartered in self defense.

  13. This would never have happened in England.

    Because we don’t have a Florida. We have Newcastle but it’s not the same really.

  14. @11 Really Nancy? I’m surprised that a student can be shot and killed while walking home minding his own business with Skittles and a bottle of tea. Nancy, you’re the Wurst!

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