Friday, April 24, 2009

Stolen Hearts and Money


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  1. Three marriages + three dogs + three cats = Fucktard and another divorce

  2. More Texas FAIL…:(

  3. Dude, try not being so dumb.

  4. thinks_too_much

    Married in Las Vegas? Puss Puss, Bo Bo and Da Da? Nice.

    Seriously, who complains about their business partner in their facebook bio? Talk about airing the dirty laundry.

  5. you are so miserable.

  6. I think someone might be a little bitter..

  7. hahaha!!! he’s talking too much!! LOL

  8. Think the January 1st wedding happened to be at 4am after 2 bottles of vodka and a lonely night at a strip joint?

  9. Think it was a shotgun wedding?

  10. “puss puss” “bo bo” and “da da” sound like things you would hear an underage prostitute say at a brothel in the Philippines.

    and before you get all offended, I swear I’ve heard words like these come out the mouth of my Filipino grandmother before.

  11. I grew up in Katy…

    Man, that situation sucks for him, haha.

  12. Is his wife Paris Hilton?

  13. Why are so many of the biggest fail entries from Texas? Makes my Texan heart cry.

  14. I feel so awful for those cats. Such horrible, undignified names.

  15. yeah – I agree with you, um… Sushi…

  16. Horray for no children! What names do you suppose they’d have?

  17. i call my wife puss puss.

  18. I wouldn’t like to see his fb albums..

  19. as if he didn’t get pissed on new years eve and stagger into a wedding chapel at 3:30am with his missus!!

  20. His situation really sucks

  21. Fast arsed, that’s lars Larst.

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