Thursday, December 20, 2012

Stop the Planet, I’ll Get Off Here…

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  1. This makes my soul hurt..

  2. I’d like to forget now…

  3. Are you serious?? This pisses me off. I don’t think it is but I REALLY hope this is fake.

  4. We can thank MTV for this

  5. Sexy body? Well, that all depends on who you ask.

  6. She should get sterilized. For the sake of us all.

  7. What the fuck is Emanuel trying to say in his comment?
    Who the fuck cares how long it’s been since you heard the word?
    And “think of ur future…?” Is that meant to encourage or discourage her from getting the abortion? Because her future is probably going to be much brighter if she DOES go through with it.

  8. It will be one abortion a rung too far down in her family tree.

  9. our futures would be better if she didn’t have one.

  10. God damned liberals

  11. She’s the load her mother should have swallowed.

  12. Who else thinks there’s 10-1 odds that she doesn’t know who knocked her up and is blaming it on the guy who took her up on her offer exactly a week before she announced she was pregnant for a week – coincidence? perhaps. Poor Yeraldi, he might want to get a paternity test done.

  13. That and a test for every STD you can think of!

  14. I predict she’ll have the baby, after being unable to find an “orbortian clinic” in the phone book.

  15. this is obviously a hack from one of her friends.

  16. ^Hacked on 4 separate days? In a 9 day time span, I think if she was hacked she would have deleted that before more than a week’s passing.

  17. ^ Don’t try to reason with it, dardar. Evilcow doesn’t understand logic.

  18. One week pregnant = officially a mom. Great.

    Also, “just put it for adoption”? Somebody shoot her, too. Like we need her genes to spread forward.

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