Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Streep FTW!

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  1. She was too ugly to play King Kong? That’s saying something.

  2. She has 3 Academy Awards. 19 nominations, but only 3 wins. Besides, ugly people sometimes win Oscars. J.K. Simmons won last year, and he’s a goofy looking fuck.

  3. Unless she was talking about movies she’s been in (which I don’t know if they’ve won a combined 19 Oscars either), like oldfart said, she’s nowhere near the numbers she claims. If she’s counting movies she’s been in that have won Academy Awards of some sort, then DiCaprio has won like 10.

  4. The Beast Among Us

    Eh, I’d have still done her. She doesn’t depend on her looks to satisfy, so I’m sure she relies on skill, instead.

  5. 18 Academy Awards?
    Its amazing what you can buy on Ebay.

  6. To those who say they’d do her, just remember this.

    She could say fuck, but she could not do it.

  7. You guys do realize this is not the actual Meryl Streep Facebook account, right? Her account is called “Official Meryl Streep,” and like other actors like Tom Hanks or Robert DeNiro, etc., she wouldn’t be bragging about Oscar nominations or wins on Facebook.

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