Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Stu Knows Just What to Do


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  1. Effin first

  2. BTW I didn’t understand what going on in there

  3. he got dumped, so is resolving to get himself together.

    his mum was being supportive…

    and stu, well, he knows what to do.

  4. Foreigners.

  5. Don’t get it. So what?

  6. He was an @$$ to his mum – don’t know what she loves him if he’s being a prick about it.

  7. he wasnt an ass to his mum! some people have that sort of relationship… it’s endearing revulsion at overt affection. it’s cute… sort of. a nice little mum and son moment, punctuated by a STUpendous tone down at the end.


  8. He should get over his gf by fucking his mom in the ass. If she loves him so much she should suck his cock off and get him off.

  9. Fake Boz was obviously molested as a child.

  10. Why are some people so stupid?….Greg, you have the patience of a Saint having to unnecessarily explain this lamebook entry.

  11. that’s what sitting in an office will do for you…

  12. Haha. I hope that guy’s mom got an email from facebook about Stu’s comment. “you’ve got mail.” … “oh what’s this??” … “plenty more pussy in the pear tree m8”

  13. I would like to express my gratitude to all the people who feel inclined to state “first” in their comments. It helps us identify the Total Fucking Morons in the world, who sometimes fly under the radar, escaping identification. Thank you.

  14. right, i’m gonna be todays retard…what does Stuart mean by Pear tree? That has gone right over my head!

  15. @Iso It’s just a play on ‘partridge in a pear tree’ and ‘plenty more fish in the sea’.

  16. @ Bucky Fellini – Thank you!

  17. And here I was, ignorant of the fact that pear trees produce fruit OTHER than pears. Thanks, Stuart.

  18. Did anyone understand the part about Hansel?

  19. @xyz Thanks! i thoguht that what it may have been, but was swamped with the idea that it was another young person saying that has passed me by now i’m in my 20s!

  20. It’s from Zoolander.

  21. @hroark314 i think that hansel thing refers to Zoolander with Ben Stiller…

  22. Pete is a twat. Way to be an ass to your mother when she’s just being nice.

  23. Pete was joking with his mom. “Oj” means “only joking.” And Stu is an asshole to post that right under Pete’s MOM’S comment!

  24. Hahaha @ #12 I thought that last line was funny to begin with, but your comment about his mum getting it in an email made it. xD

  25. @13: Perfect.

    Hey where’s @@@@ guy? Shouldn’t he/she be preaching by now?

  26. @ Ms.Terri, nah I’m pretty sure Oj is a clever little allegorical reference to the OJ Simpson trial. Also I’m pretty sure Pete’s mother won’t mind (she’s an adult film actress).

  27. I’m pretty sure it has nothing to do with OJ Simpson.

  28. teamlaserexplosion

    I think Pete is pretty lame to ‘like’ your own status

  29. If only we saw this 5 minutes later, where mom agrees with Stu.

  30. oj means “only joking” lol
    But yeah im pretty sure the mother agreed on the next comment 🙂

  31. Ha ha, go stuart, lova ya work. And did anyone else find it weird that his mum calls him ‘babe’???

  32. ^ kind of, now you mention it. but then i have friends who call everyone they ever meet babe (most annoying habit ever) so maybe not so much

  33. I’d dump some guy who thought he was so cool he could treat his mother like that as well.

  34. ^ Errrr. Epic sense-of-humour failure? In many families you joke this way. It’s “the way it works”. I’d say he definitely isn’t trying to look cool, otherwise he wouldn’t have written “loves” and a bunch of kisses. My brother would had said far worse, without the “loves”, but my mum would have known he was joking and taken it as such. We are sarcastic to the core. It doesn’t mean we love each other less.

  35. *have

  36. Well it makes him sounds like a dero. Its not even sarcasm, its just like ‘you’re a loser xxoxox i love you’. Is he 12?

  37. Stu’s hillarious!!

  38. That was fucking great, Stu! A classic… indeed!

  39. Erin, you’re an idiot. No offense.

  40. Agreed. Erin, get a life.

  41. Stuart’s the kind of friend who tells your mom about that one time in Vegas when you almost got busted with that hooker and 2 keys of coke, but bribed your way out of it by paying for the cop to get sloppy thirds.

  42. We need more friends like Stu XD

  43. Standards.

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