Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Successful Statements

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  1. F1R57

  2. That third one made me giggle

  3. Yeah, it’s usually Alphabet Soup when you see that random overused internet quote, but I guess in order to look like you just came up with it all by little self, it’s helpful to take some license with the wording.

  4. brittany…..your a dick….read that and repost

  5. I am so going to use that last one!

  6. I can read it. Suck it, all.

  7. @monkey: Why would she want to repost that?

    You don’t even know which “your/you’re” to use.

  8. This was a nice set! Didn’t bother to read the first one, except Will’s comment, which was nice.

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