Thursday, July 19, 2012

Successful Status

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  1. Fake.

  2. I liked the first one. That was pretty clever.

  3. I fucked Jamie. ‘Caution: wet pussy’

  4. Lord of the Rings is almost a direct copy of the bible but I can see where he’s coming from.

  5. I wonder if Lauren knows that God died along time ago with Theodore Roosevelt and JFK.

  6. Now with juicy bits.

  7. What the? I always thought that the Narnia Chronicles were pretty close to the bible… help me out; what are the correlations between the bible and LOTR?

  8. ^ both Gandalf and Moses shouted, “YOU SHALL NOT PASS!”

  9. both are works of fiction that the fanboys get way too excited about.

  10. ^some more excited than others; I haven’t heard of anyone being killed in the name of Gandalf.

  11. Yeah… fellas, I’m not convinced, hey.

  12. yeah? well, LoTR is part of Satan’s Spiritual Structure…and a surefire gateway to demonic possession.

  13. God, my son told me about Lauren. She wasn’t very down to earth and he struggled very hard to confince her to have sex with him. When she finally did come round, she was inexperienced he actuallly asked her to watch a few pornos with our family to get the gist of things down. As it ultimately turned out, she was incredibly tight, yet unbelivably dry. My son got burn marks when he pulled out, let alone a few bruises from her surprise jerks every time he edged in. She eventually became a slut around the campus. Good thing my boy didn’t receive stds, or my fist would have been so far up that girls ass. Ohh and Lotr is my favorite.

  14. Mr. Felthan, your writing makes me want to believe in God, kharma and zombies, because I pray Ernest Hemingway will rise from the dead and cut off your fucking fingers.

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  16. ^stinky indian tryin to earn money by advetising his curried flavored smell of death.

  17. Hank disturbs me; and that’s saying a lot.

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