Monday, January 27, 2014

Suck on that!

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  2. The Beast Among Us

    Meanwhile, I became a sexy beast. Yeah, Baby! Suck on that!

  3. Meanwhile, I just continue being STEEEEVERRRR, just doin what STEEEEVERRRR does best, being the Motha F’in Man!

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  5. Suck on what?

  6. Doing what Steve does best, doing the Motha F’in Man. Or men. Depends on Steve’s schedule and what he can fit in. Literally.

  7. Why would he want to be F’in Mothra?
    I’d pick Ghidrah, at least she had 3 heads.

  8. The Beast Among Us

    ^ Because Mothra looks more like a chicken.

  9. If you’re ugly, you’re less likely to get raped.

  10. My boobs are real fuckers.

  11. Indefinitely everlasting sexy bitch right here.

  12. Stvr’s mom pays

  13. My penis hates me…….

  14. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeener

  15. The Beast Among Us

    ^ Why do I get the impression that you cry when you masturbate, and not because you feel sorry for the kittens.

  16. Shit. I just lol’d for the first time ever. You are a beast.

  17. Ugly is as ugly does. . .

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