Thursday, August 15, 2013

Sugar Daddy

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  1. I’m sure lots of pedos out there wouldve gave ya the extra $2

  2. then/than – also qualifies for a TypOHs tag.

  3. ^You have the perfect name for your post

  4. Why do people keep confusing “than” with “then” these days? I’ve been using the internet for almost 2 decades but this is something I’ve only come across in the last year.

  5. 10 to 1 the kids parents put him up to it. There are a number of parents that try to get one over on poor retail slaves by testing the waters with one kid and then sending in the rest. If you refuse they come in and raise hell trying to get free stuff on the side for daring to expect their little precious to pay full price.

  6. I smell bullshit. Surely the kids would be expecting free hot chocolates, not £1 hot chocolates.

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