Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Suggestive Suggestions

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  1. oh internet u so silly

  2. The Backdoor Sluts series peaked at 7, in my opinion.

  3. Skyfall it is.

  4. Why is every porno on the internet called backdoor sluts 9? haha

  5. From a South Park sketch spoofing lord of the rings. It was the filthiest porn ever made

  6. ^^it made naughty nurses 3 look like crotch capers 2.

  7. Congrats UCSA followers. The only page that I know of from Christchurch, New Zealand to make lamebook.

  8. Have already forwarded to John Campbell nzchick. That’s our Piers Morgan but less of a complete fucktard to our American friends.

  9. Couldn’t help put post this when it showed up on my ticker. I’m not a UC student but all my friends are!

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