Friday, November 2, 2012

Surviving Sandy

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  1. This morning, I saw footage of a dog catching a huge fish in the street.

  2. I figured with all the hookers, there wouldn’t be any fish left…Win for dogs everywhere!

  3. So, how did they keep the frozen pizza frozen?

  4. Somehow I feel disappointed that those living through the devastation haven’t lived up to my high expectations of Americans facing apocalyptic situations. I feel like Falling Skies, Walking Dead are all lies!

  5. And who says it was meestir beatus

  6. And if they don’t have power how did they power the heater to heat up said pizza?

  7. There’s a new discovery that top scientists have come across recently. It generates massive amounts of heat without using any electricity at all. It can be used to cook things and even keep people warm. However, it’s very volatile and dangerous if not contained properly, and it destroys anything that it touches. It’s called, “fire,” and it’s amazing.

  8. Was going to say… Yea thats a kerosene heater. No electricity needed. And most stuff in a freezer will stay frozen if youre not constantly opening the door. They probably cooked the pizza because it was started to thaw…. Logically.

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