Monday, October 26, 2020

Sweet Sorry


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  1. He has good handwriting for a guy.

    Maybe doing things like calling her your “little lady” can cause fights. How would a man feel about being called her little man? It’s always bothered me that in an office environment a group of women are referred to as girls but you never hear men called boys. It’s not just men who do it either.

  2. What the fuck are you even talking about? You’re such a dumbass. Oh and look the resident militant, humourless “feminist” is also a massive hypocrite. what a surprise.

  3. Wendy jane sounds annoying and vapid as the woman who wrote that moronic letter.

    And no, Eric, that’s not one to hold on to. She sucks.

  4. The fact you actually think his little lady wrote this note shows how gullible you are. Doubt the guy even has a girlfriend.

    Vapid sure is a great word for your post.

  5. There is absolutely no way in hell that is a man’s handwriting you pathetic man-hating spacker

  6. That handwriting is cause for divorce right there

  7. I’m backing Wendy up. I hate it when grown women are referred to as girls.

    Also, a woman would never refer to herself as a bitch, no matter how apologetic. This note was clearly written by single male… excuse me… it was clearly written by a single BOY on what he thinks a woman would write.

    Some advice BentBob: Stay in the lines, and lose the little-girl heart. Also, your post to Wendy was overkill, this is why you’re single.

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