Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Take it Easy, Jennifer


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  1. Yeah well, they’re all probably 14yo boys, like most people on the internet. Of course they’re going to be fucking sexist and immature, also like most people on the internet.

  2. And I too agree that it’s pretty stupid to post that stuff on FB.

  3. Denise Ex Machina

    99 & 100, you’re kind of pissing into the wind here. I agree with what you’re saying, but a lot of lamebook’s commenters are the lowest common denominator and they’re not exactly going to put a lot of thought into what you’re saying. As you say, all their knowledge of female sexuality comes from internet porn. What bugs me is all the girls on these comment boards jumping up and down trying to impress the guys by talking about how all girls suck but *they’re* different. “LOLZ, I totes hate feminism! And all girls are mean bitches, but not me! Hey guys, like me so I’ll feel validated! Please, huh, please?”

  4. A Distorted Reality's Now a Necessity to be Free

    @103, ugh, I knew so many girls in high school who did that. Reminds me how in some of the stricter Muslim countries when high-profile Western women come to visit, the government doesn’t really know how to handle them, since they don’t want to offend them by making them conform to the gender roles of their country. So they’ll stamp “honorary man” on their passport, just to make it easier. And I feel like a lot of girls here do the same thing. Saying that you agree that all women suck but you’re different doesn’t help anyone. Maybe they look at gender stereotypes and say, well that’s not me, so it can feel like they’re skirting the problems by saying, Just think of me as a man, but it doesn’t fix anything. MOST women don’t fit into gender stereotypes (and neither do most men, from my experience).

  5. Oh well. It made me laugh. If it were the same exact quote only from a male, I would firstly question his sexual orientation, and then laugh just as much. It’s such a simple, “at the end of the day” sentence, with an unexpected twist. I thought it was funny.

  6. POW!

  7. I find it exceedingly amusing that the dudes are so convinced she must be “an unfuckable walrus”, because she’s masturbating.

    I sense some insecurity here, guys…

    News flash, my dear virginal boys-

    Masturbation isn’t a sign that she can’t get a guy. It’s a sign that most women aren’t willing to just put up and shut up without ever being sexually pleasured.

    After all, you gotta learn to love yourself, first. :>

  8. @ 107, I highly doubt that guys think she’s “an unfuckable walrus”, because she’s masturbating. I think the point might be that she posted it on facebook… massive overshare, the girl clearly has no social skills, therefore it is easy to assume that she’s an unfuckable walrus 🙂

  9. I masturbate with my father, see it is nice to be from East Texas. Masturbate for mommy now, go ahead and wack on those cock n balls.

  10. All people should post on Facebook when they have masturbated!

  11. haha @ #103, so true. And I love the phrase ‘pissing in the wind’ btw.

  12. @ 109

    I’m pretty flattered that someone thought my post interesting enough to impersonate me. Awesome.

  13. @ 109

    inbred tool.

  14. @Look at it this way

    **if her name WERE Jenifer
    use the subjunctive, please.

  15. There should be a category on lamebook for really obnoxious grammar corrections. It could be called “Congratulations on Passing 9th Grade; Now Shut the Fuck Up.”

    Is your goal to educate the huddled masses on the proper use of the subjunctive? Is it to feel better about yourself? “I may be deformed, but at least I know how to use the subjunctive mood.” Maybe you imagine a silent, anal-rententive majority reading your posts and nodding their collective heads in approval. “Heather must be awesome,” they say. “She knows exactly how to use the subjunctive, and she’s not afraid to say it! You go girl!”

  16. getting really mad about it sure is cooler, dude

  17. Uhm… Good luck with that?

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