Thursday, December 1, 2011

Take Note

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  1. First! – are we still doing that? I’ve not been around for a while….. 🙁

  2. Nope, only fucktards do that nowadays.

  3. Yes. There are variations of it now, such as:
    (Insert elongated username here as demonstrated above)!!!!!!!!!

    but generally speaking, the posters are still cock rags and cum dumpsters.

  4. But it’s cool kiki, you didn’t know any better.

  5. 7th, bitchezz!

  6. only fucktards have ever done it. On about every fucking online forum that is frequented by n00bs.
    Some sites have scripts that disallow it. This is a GOOD thing…

    I would totally shag on their dining room table.

  7. Right, I forgot about the people that just throw out whatever number that they happen to be posting on, which is somehow even lamer than calling first.

  8. Man fuck you. 10th bitches,faggots and hoes!!!!!!1!

  9. ^see? Fucktard. 100% proven.

  10. What a cool story about the elephant

  11. Don’t you EVER refer to a rabbit as ‘it.’ That rabbit has a gender and is worthy of at least as much respect as you, you primate!
    Way to use quotation marks correctly in what appears to be a school assignment.
    Cum dumpsters are MUCH better than people who announce that they are first or any other number.

  12. ‘E’ is for ‘everyone calm down’.

    Why is the rabbit named after a porn star? Maybe the rabbit IS the porn star. In which case, Ima get the DVD about the ‘fox’ getting her…

  13. I wouldn’t shag on the dining room table, but I’d certainly do it on all of the chairs. Then, I’d go to the couches, the floor, their beds, the shower, the clothes washing machine, etc.

  14. ^ Etc. means the dishes washing machine, right?

  15. ^Oh yeah – and the dishes, too. Spatulas make ideal ad hoc sex probes.

  16. I would consider being on the “dishes washing machine” to be the counter. So, yeah.

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