Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Take that!

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  1. You are – wtf is going to happen, when the truck drives, and all your boxes tilt?

    If you keep being this careless about your stuff, it’s your own fault if you get raped!

  2. Methinks friend James has rented too much truck. Estupido.

  3. Stupid might be the dopes who think that this is a truck.

  4. Congratulations James, you can stack fucking boxes. You and my 2 yr old now have something in common.

  5. Normally I thought one would be kicked out of the computer lab for watching porn, not playing tetris.

  6. Tammy, have you never seen the inside of a box truck? Clearly this is one.

  7. Cuckoo, have you ever rented a space in a storage facility? Clearly this is one. (hint–they give you boxes that have the storage facility’s name on them.)

  8. I’ve never seen storage spaces in facilities with metallic roofs…

  9. ^What gives all you fuckers the impression that he’s done packing?

  10. It’s a truck or a trailer. The dude is probably moving his stuff from his storage facility back to his mom’s basement. Plywood floor, wood rails on the side with spacers for tying cords, a tin roof, and a wheel well in the bottom right corner are pretty good clues that this just might be a truck or a trailer.

  11. I agree, Beatus, Tammy is an idiot. It’s a fucking truck. Okay, moving on… James is an idiot. #4 summed it up beautifully.

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