Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Talkin’ bout my girl…

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  1. “thingsboysdowehate”

  2. Fucking cock tease. Just rape her.

  3. If you keep refusing random boys approach, it’s your own fault if you get raped!

  4. Whatever happened to Lamebook? This used to be a nice, wholesome place. Now every other word in the comments is rape. Tsk.

  5. ^ What the fuck? When the fuck was Lamebook a nice, decent place?
    Oh wait, sarcasm. I get it.

  6. At least he spelled **you’re** correctly. She should date him.

  7. I think that couple in the photo kissing are related. They look like siblings.

  8. Oh…wait. He spells his name funny. Forget what I said earlier.

  9. Juli J. Robertson

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  10. There’s better ways to get off Aleks. You probably had an erection for two hours waiting for her replies.

  11. I love how he suddenly turns abusive with a “fuck you”. Like his medication suddenly wore off.

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