Thursday, June 7, 2012

Team Work!

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  1. Fake.

  2. Emma Watson

  3. yeah right. except there’s no ‘fuck off and leave me alone, you sad cunt’ in team.

  4. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Yes, but what does it do with things that aren’t funny in the first place?

  5. This is without question the worst post I have ever seen on this site. Except that other one.

  6. Lamebook is lamer than anything I ever see on Facebook. Which is really saying something.

  7. So uh, what’s your facebook username? If you’re going to say something like that you’re going to have to fucking prove it.

  8. bastard man is really saying something, alright. too bad it’s really, really fucking whiny.

  9. , that’s ok, I’m plateauing, you know, I’ve have just enough beer for it to not quite matter anymore…so, fuck what he’s saying, nothings going to change the fact that he’s just a sorry ass bastard.

  10. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    “{Had} enough beer”? Never heard of it.

  11. no, dick, I said just enough, not “enough”…I’m not motherfucking done yet 😀

  12. The comments section of Lamebook is lamer than anything I ever see on Lamebook. Which is really saying something.

  13. Oh, piss off you cunt….I may be wobbling back and forth while I piss, but I haven’t pissed on the floor…yet. So, fuck you, and your opinion.

  14. sounds like the comments section of lamebook hurt somebody’s feelings…


    The comments section of lamebook fucked you in the ass! Probably while you were trying to piss straight…

  16. Hey now, be nice, you long nosed goon!

  17. stomabeutel v1.1 with added empathic capabilities

    ^14 feeling sorry now for using the butthurt complaint forms to mop up blood? Poor bastard could have done with one of those, going to get high now.

  18. New Word:


    Your womb puncher just blot gown.

  19. I hate the internet for creating these sorts of people. Look at this mess.

  20. Spunkytonguedtastic.
    Can you put that bitch in a sentence, please?

  21. I just fucked ‘that bitch’. There I put it in a sentence.

  22. well. that was spunkytonguedtastic.

  23. ‘Wow look at the boat race on that bukkake’d up piece of gash, she’s spunkytoungedtastic!’

    ‘Fancy letting me hose your mouth down with my gentleman juice? I promise it will be spunkytonguedtastic.’

  24. ^nah. still not feeling it.

  25. ^use your whole fist next time, you know, if you leave it in long enough it’ll shrivel up like when you take too long of a bath.

  26. ^sure?

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