Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Textual Healing

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  1. TL;DR

  2. I can’t believe I just read the whole thing

  3. Zoe sucks cock.

  4. Zoe is totally using Vodafone, threatening to leave it for Optus.
    But then again, she’s unfaithful to Vodafone for being tempted and having really moved to Optus.

    Bottom line: She’s an opportunist. A deceiving opportunist.

    Stone the bitch.

  5. Zoe’s an idiot. Firstly, for using the phrase ‘yo ass’ and secondly, because she should have gone to Telstra, they get way better coverage.

  6. Plans aren’t always a bad thing. I wonder how much she pays monthly for her services, when some people pay $70 for unlimited talk, text, and internet with a Smartphone.

  7. I’ll bet Zoe shoved a fat courgette up her poon right after flirting with Vodafone. I’ve heard the Aussie birds like it filthy, as in squirting, double anal, and throating. Filthy fucking whore. I’d ride her like a kangaroo anyday.

  8. Fuck you Zoe and your “studio time” you pretentious cunt.

  9. Dafuq was that?!
    I’ll bet Zoe is unemployed and using benefits/welfare to pay for this phone she is complaining about so much…if she doesn’t like it she should stop dreaming and get a real job that pays the fuckin’ bills.

  10. Elsior,

    What’s wrong with squirting and throating?

  11. Elsior you are the most pathetic troll ever! Seriously, what do you think you’re achieving sharing your depraved little fantasies on Lamebook? Also, in my own experience living in Adelaide, Aussie girls are far LESS slutty than most places – a lot of them seem shy and dignified. Unlike you, douchey…

  12. Elsior is rather pathetic. I can’t decide between him and Crustylovelips, whose inane ramblings just embarrass him every day.

    In this thread, I particularly like the way he invents a scenario of how Zoe lives (on no real evidence) and then angrily tells her to stop living that way. It would actually be quite disturbing if it wasn’t so pants-pissingly funny.

    And then Jasper? What the hell is that all about? Whose abusing him that much to cause that much hatred? Maybe that brings me back to Elsior…

  13. Zoe seems like an idiot especially when you consider how prepaid charges for data. However that sales man who ignored her request to stay with pre-paid should have considered how much pre-paid charges for data. Though in the US at least most phone companies wont sell you a smart phone without a data plan cause people run up huge bills and try to get out of it by whining about how they didn’t know how much it would cost.

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