Friday, April 30, 2010

Thanks Carl

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  1. MonkeyCMonkeyDo

    those squirrels go bonkers for their nuts…

  2. herp-a-derp-titus is a deadly internet disease, spreading thoughout various websites, usually in the form of obscure memes…

  3. @Monkey – I feel for them. My husband is pretty protective of his nuts as well.

  4. Dancinganimal256

    I come back after a few hours and people find me evil. Now to shed some light on the situation. Yes, I have relatives who have disabilities. Yes I have been called gay by multiple amounts of people (including this one girl during high school who I could swear was bent on pushing me out of the closet no matter how many times I told her I wasn’t gay), and never took offense to it. I got made fun of just like everyone else during elementary and high school (even though high school was mostly in jest by the fact that I was the only hispanic there who could take a gardener joke). Why would I want people to stop using a word just because I took offense to it. Not all folks think in the same manner that I do and it is not my place to make them. Words constantly evolve over time (if you don’t believe look up economy in the OED), so just because it means something mean now, doesn’t mean it will mean the same thing in the future.
    @ uoykcuf: I usually fuck with someone’s head in that type of situation, so if it were a guy who said it, I would invite them to my room with a serious face on, and watch them look around awkwardly while I try not to laugh.

  5. Who's That Girl?

    LMAO @ rabid otter!

  6. pearls-before-swine

    This post made me sad. ):

  7. pearls-before-swine

    And since I went back to read all these epic comments after I posted, let me just add… “cognitively challenged” may be a medically accepted term, but so is “mongoloid”. These days calling people a mongoloid is considered a pretty definite offense and yet it’s still medically acceptable. Also, I have never heard “cognitively challenged” and I work in psychiatric, dealing with a fair amount of mentally handicapped individuals. When someone is retarded in speech, thought, emotion, or any other level of person, we refer to it as being retarded in one or all of those areas. It’s pretty cut and dry.

  8. I love the word mongoloid.

    I just think of the old Devo song when I hear that word.

  9. Carl = Hank Moody

  10. bunbun=ben

  11. Just a word of warning, you guys probably shouldn’t read my comment in case you catch my herniated disc.

  12. @johnnyp, wow that was really uncalled for. Maybe you should grow the fuck up and stop being such a idiot. I don’t care how she feels about people using that word, but there was no need to personally insult her daughter when she so nicely just asked people to think about their words.

    …I’m going to start calling my friends and co-workers mongoloids 🙂

  13. pearls-before-swine

    @sobunk someone is eventually bound to be impressed by that. It’s an old-timey word that you rarely hear anymore. I always secretly say “oh heck yes” and do a little fist pump to myself when I hear people use it in the correct context.

  14. ariesdragon123

    I just call people “slow” when I think idiot isn’t strong enough. Although, I do occasionally use the word Retarded, I’m not even going to lie. After all, it’s only very, very recently that it’s been considered a slur.

  15. Chewbacca shagger

    So when i put unfermented bread in the “retarder” over night i will have to change that to “stupider”?
    In my industry we have been using the word retard in it’s correct manner describing the slowing of yeast for so many years and now we have to change because it may offend someone that walks into the shop/bakehouse? Actually, come to think of it, the apprentice may well be.

  16. Bunbun – On the subject of the “r-word:”–wGEgY

  17. @johnyp Twenty-somethings? There is no way you are over 14 years old unless you are cognitively impaired to nth degree. And even if you are 8 years old, you are old enough to know that insulting a child regardless of their I.Q. level, only makes you look like a tool. See now I look like a tool, and a hypocrite. 🙂

    @BritishHobo One of the reasons I like this site so much is that we make fun of people for the things that they have control over.

    @Tinfish Here, let me give it a try for you, in terms they will understand.
    Using internet memes=ben=frodo=marklar

    @Chewbacca Shagger Unless your boss is “The Brave Little Toaster”, I think you’re safe. 😉

  18. Quite fond of calling people spaktards, will start using mongoloid more now tho.

    “I hope that mongoloid’s haemorrhoids aren’t the contagious kind.”

  19. I’ve been to a few raves and encountered many e-tards. Or perhaps they should be known as “differently-chemically-enhanced” or “MDMA enthusiasts”?
    I don’t get why we need to self-censor our free expression in a public online forum in case one person gets offended.
    We have a mix of people from all over the world bringing our particular Englishes with us (Australian, British, Canadian, United Statesian, ESL). I don’t like the idea of imposing political correctness or punishing variants in spelling. Also, some noobs don’t recognise LB memes that others are using.
    Lurk before you leap.

  20. @pearls-before-swine: I can’t believe I actually registered to make this sort of comment, but mongoloid is no longer the accepted medical terminology. Until the 1970s, yes it was, but afterward was mostly rejected by the medical community in favor of trisomy 21, since it seemed to (gasp!) have unfortunate implications for both people with trisomy 21 and ethnic Mongolians. Even Down’s syndrome as a name is going out of fashion in favor of trisomy 21.

    And to the people who are getting their panties in a twist about calling people retarded – quite honestly, I’ve seen worse, such as deeply insulting remarks on how people with Down’s syndrome resemble Slowbros – not insulting because of the joke itself, but because of the tone and purpose people used in conversation. The word retard is now so far removed from the original term that it would be ridiculous to censor it from the English language. Learn to recognise the difference between the evolution of the English language and a deliberate attempt to degrade a human being.

    Also, post made me laugh and headdesk at the same time. Seriously guys, seriously? Carl summed up my feelings nicely.

  21. Thank you for those who took the time to reply with a mature comment without the insults. Raising a child with special needs is very rewarding and at times can be very difficult. There are circumstances that contributed to my daughter’s condition prior to us adopting her. Regardless of all the negativity and cruel people out there we are thankful everyday that we found each other because now she has the opportunity to grow into an independent person through therapy, love and support we provide for her every single second of the day.

    I don’t know why this word bothers me so much, I know I have much larger battles to fight for her but every time I hear it being used to describe a person who is “stupid” or has done something people consider not very smart, it hurts me and I feel sad for my daughter.

    I can bet that my little girl has had to fight bigger battles in her short 5 years then most of your people who chose to be mean spirited just because you think it is funny. I hope that when one day when you need to you reach out to a group of strangers and ask for some understanding that you get it because I would never lower myself to your level.

  22. Your daughter isn’t fighting anything. She’s living her life. Get off your soap box and do the same.

  23. Reaching out to strangers on of all places is retarded.

  24. Since when were we talking about your daughter? You’re the only person who brought your daughter up – the rest of us were laughing over a clearly ignorant person’s, well, retardedness. You only have yourself to blame for dragging your personal vendetta into this.

  25. @liyosa Why is Down’s syndrome going out of usage? I’m pretty sure it’s named after John Langdon Down, who first discovered it. That to me sounds like a reasonable naming convention.

    I think everybody needs to stop being so angry (or temperamentally challenged :P) and get on with their lives.

    Bottom line is, this site will offend you if you have black/white/hispanic/fat/stupid/slutty daughter. Give it a rest.

  26. @mjd

    You don’t know that she isn’t fighting anything. Maybe bunbun is running an underground ring of tard fights. How cool would that be?

    You won’t believe the action!
    Straight from bunbun’s basement,
    Steven Seagal vs. Sean Penn!

    Don’t be tardy,
    you don’t want to miss this party!

  27. ariesdragon123

    I’ll be sure to throw out my flame retardant. I was on your side bunbun but your daughter isn’t fighting against the lamebookers of the world and I have mentally handicapped cousins that use the word retarded. I try not to use it, because I understand it can be offensive to some. But I have a very big problem with how much you keep bringing your daughter into this. You’re the one that is hurting your own child. By making her feel like she is retarded, and that people are using her condition as an insult. When I do slip up and say that word, i’m never even thinking about mentally handicapped children or people. If you allow the word to continue to take on the meaning it’s currently taking on, and stop telling her she should associate herself with that word, chances are she will live a lot happier life. Just like nobody thinks of handicapped people when they hear the word lame now. Or Mutes when they hear the word dumb. It’s taking on a new meaning, which means it would be easy to prevent your daughter from ever associating herself with that word by not jumping down people’s throats and demanding we all associate mentally handicapped children with that word.

  28. pearls-before-swine

    @Soup – You are so bad. And I totally laughed.

  29. Chewbacca shagger

    I am in charge of a factory that employs a lot of downs syndrome people for the packaging and shipment of goods. They are fantastic workers and some are just great people while others should be in the corner with zip ties around their wrists and ankles. We have got into the habit of referring to them as “Robert”. As in Downey Jr. Some of them pick up on it and call each other that too. I dont know why i felt the need to share but i did.

  30. @fenchurch Comprehension fail. I am pretty sure that most of the people who comment on the lameness of memes have been around for quite a while. I rarely post but I have been a member since the beginning, Obviously when I posted “Using internet memes=ben=frodo=marklar” it should have been clear that I understood Lamebook’s memes. I do not however find them funny, when I see them the thought that pops into my head is “oh look, Beavis and Butthead finally got internet access, how nice for them.” 🙂

  31. My boyfriend works as a youth worker at schools, and sadly I’ve heard many stories like that – I would find it hard not to slap the teens who still think things like that. Or I wouldn’t correct Debra and then make sure a heap of people with diabetes sneezed and coughed on her. That would’ve been a big win for Carl, had he not chose the word ‘retarded’ *rolls eyes*

  32. @128 Hey Nonnie, I hadn’t read your comment & so wasn’t referring to it in mine… I was merely extemporising. Sorry to provoke an unintended response!

    “You don’t call retarded people retards. It’s bad taste. You call your friends retards when they’re acting retarded.” — Michael Scott

  33. Herpatitus huh? That’s a new one on me.

  34. lol

  35. Stupid girls, seriously. Go read a book.

  36. (y)

  37. Sounds like the Bush twins. I bet Debra was just Barbara’s middle name.

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