Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Thanks, CMT!

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  1. don’t even want first

  2. Awww, Jenny, never mind…. they’ll be the first to die when the Zombies come….

  3. WTF is CMT? Christian Mass-propaganda Television?

  4. @frankenstein CMT- Country Music Television.

  5. so, you were pretty close, franky.

  6. But why the fuck would you thank Jesus for a country music channel? He’s not in charge of country music is he? My guess makes way more sense.. litangel must be satan trying to confuse me.

  7. Does Aaron know what an overweight homosexual genie looks like? Tickling each other’s thighs is a great way to begin the spread of incest.

  8. franky, I think you’ll find that rednecks thank their jebus for …well, pretty much everything. it’s not even a question of ‘why’.
    point of fact, asking ‘why’ is actually seen as a Very Bad Idea. some of them will even threaten you with irl violence for that kind of heretic shit.

  9. …in other news, you know damn well that later on aaron’s dad is gonna strut his fat ass into the bedroom, wearing nothing but that too-tight vest and a nasty about-to-fuck-aaron’s-mother leer.

    sleep tight, aaron.

  10. heh, christians are funny.

  11. Country music makes me ashamed to be Southern…and white.

  12. Johnny Cash? …ashamed?
    excuse you.

  13. I don’t consider Johnny Cash music to be country music.

  14. Country, rockabilly, general rock-n-roll. But definitely not strictly a country singer.

  15. my fave johnny cash album is called ‘I Love Country’.

  16. Last part did make me laugh

  17. Good pick, MsAnne. I like “Ballads of the True West,” and among many others, “I Walk the Line.”

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