Monday, August 5, 2013

Thanks for the reminder…

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  1. Good, you’re a horrible, drunken mother to begin with.
    Now go guzzle your tequila while your unsupervised 14 year old steals a car.

  2. Way more fun to be an alcoholic than a decent parent…. Good work Elisabet! #dumbass

  3. You assume her little fledgelings are still in the nest, but perhaps they’ve flown. Hurrrah for freedom and tequila!

  4. It’s sad either way.

    “Wow, I wish I could have another baby like all my Dacebook friends who are my competition for life trophies. Oh well, I’ll just get drunk.”

    Does that sound like someone who doesn’t have any or

  5. *any serious problems with life?

  6. National Tequila day was 12 days ago…

  7. Wow, nobody on here has ever had a margarita on a Friday night after the kiddos are in bed I can see!

  8. Ah, a self-submitter… So, in the immortal words of Uncle Paulie: you’re a two-time loser!

  9. That’s one lucky dude she’s with. Any guy would be thrilled to be with the lady who prefers tequila to babies.

  10. Fuck these uptight poleslurpers Elisabet!

    It’s a free country! If you want to go home, drink tequila and post photo’s of your piss flaps on gumtree, that’s your choice!

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