Friday, June 18, 2010

That’s It!

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  1. LAME!
    Ben 🙂

  2. Their cleverness hurts my butt.

  3. Maybe it’s that movie where Sarah Jessica Parker acts like a hot woman and everyone believes her.

  4. quite funny.

    (the poster whose efforts are usually delimited by the vaguely cynical or slightly arcane unless someone really grinds his gears).

  5. this is funny, not lame.

    @sarah: you go girl!

  6. Pretty funny until Jordan’s answer, that movie fucking sucked.

  7. @Rodo

    I enjoyed your addition :).

  8. I agree, I actually thought it was pretty funny ’cause I only watched it the other day, but that movie did suck. Balls.

    I was so hoping that someone was going to reply to the Tim Burton comment with something regarding Johnny Depp or Helena Bonham Carter being in them, but alas, I was disappointed. I think my favourite was the Julia Roberts one.

  9. I liked Jordans comment actually lol

  10. I think it’s the one where Ben Stiller plays a slightly quirky character.

  11. @8 So you think it’s the one where Helena Bonham Carter plays a slightly unstable gothwench, and it’s terribly original?

  12. Could it be the one where Bruce Willis plays a over the top tough guy?

  13. “Hey guys! Remember that movie where Johnny Depp starred as a quirky anti-hero!?” “Oh! Yeah, I saw that one. It had Helena Bonham Carter, right?”

  14. Nah it’s the one where Tom Cruise plays an action hero who is irresistible to the opposite sex despite the fact he is short and gay.

  15. @8 Well I’m officially blind, I didn’t even see your comment till I posted mine. Oh well, glad to see we’re on the same page here.

  16. Best thing I’ve seen on Lamebook for a while.


    This entry seems familiar. Reminds me of …..

  18. Jordan ruined the joke.

    Oh wait, is it that comment where BritishHobo complains about the quality of the humour in this status without actually bringing any comedic value to the table himself, tries to salvage it with some supposed ‘witty’ self-deprecating remark?
    IS IT?

  19. *and fails?

    God damnit.

  20. Jordan’s blew, despite what Ben says. And it was that Julianne Moore movie where she was smiling on the outside, but crying on the inside.

  21. It’s the Eddie Murphy one, where Eddie plays all the key roles in the movie and laughs after each line, because he is the only one that thinks he is still funny.

  22. You guys do know that the movie Jordan suggested is a real movie? It’s actual name is “The 41-Year-Old Virgin Who Knocked Up Sarah Marshall and Felt Superbad About It”, and it sucked.

  23. Meh

  24. Do you guys know the name of the movie where Mel Gibson’s character blames the Jews for all the world’s problems?

  25. @a lil monster: I forgot about that film. My bad, Jordan 😐 I guess the writers came from the same scripwriting class as the idiots that did Epic/Disaster Movie etc, who think namechecking a film is a HILARIOUS parody.

    @Mikefu: Yeah, I was expecting a ‘that Tim Burton movie where Johnny Depp’s a tortured, slightly insane guy who dresses in a really quirky buy gothic way and seems creepy and evil but is really good and kind inside.’

  26. @ a little monster yes I know it’s a real movie which is why I said he ruined it because that movie sucked and so does it’s title.

  27. The Seth Rogen post is too long. Take out “loveable” and “funny” and you’ve got the main gist.

  28. Are you sure it’s not that one where Arnold Schwarzenegger has a totally generic American name, and kills anyone that moves?

  29. Typecasting IS hilarious. Just ask all the actors mentioned here what they think of it. They’ll tell you they laugh their fucking asses off on every trip to the bank.

  30. I’m pretty sure that Schwarzenegger flick is playing in the same theater as that remake of the ’70s or ’80s television show or movie that is overhyped and sucks a lot worse than the original.

  31. Have you seen the Adam Sandler movie co-starring Rob Schneider?

  32. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    I guess you all forgot the one with Michelle Rodriguez as a sexy tomboy and George Clooney as a suave older guy or the one with charlie Sheen as a playboy who drinks and gambles a lot.

    And yes Word pervert is right, they are laughing their way to the bank.

  33. What about the one where Steve Carell plays a dorky, naive middle aged guy with comments that make you groan?

  34. What was the one with Woody Allen? You know, the one where he’s a neurotic imbecile?

  35. Was it that British movie where everyone is down on their luck and do something funny to make money?

  36. Nah, I’m pretty sure it was the one where Jennifer Aniston plays an independent woman who doesn’t need a man but ends up getting one anyway. You know, the one where they make the compulsory “You have really great hair” compliment that’s written into her contract.

  37. Seriously, I really, really think that it was that one where the two guys who are obviously a gay couple in every single respect except actually having sexual relations prove how straight they are by constantly fag-baiting each other and every other male in the vicinity and, strangely enough, ultimately demonstrating that the bond between them means more to them than the love of any woman, which apparently makes them really, really super-heterosexual.

  38. Personally, I preferred the one in which Morgan Freeman was God.

  39. What about the Samuel L. Jackson movie where he’s yelling?

  40. i thought this was so clever until i was at blockbuster yesterday and saw that that is an actual movie…

  41. Wait, what was that one where Jim Carey is psychotic, obnoxious, and annoying for an hour and a half?

  42. Maybe it was the one where Keanu Reeves says WHOA! Or maybe the one where Matthew Mcconaughey takes his shirt off. Or where Vince Vaughn plays the sarcastic semi bad boy that finally realizes he loves the girl he has taken for granted.

  43. Maybe it’s the one where Whoopi Goldberg has do to something she doesn’t want to, but then reluctantly does and she end up enjoying it.

  44. Maybe it’s the one where John Travolta sings and dances.

  45. Wait no, I think it’s… what’s that one movie where Adam Sandler isn’t funny?

  46. It might have been the one where Snoop played the smooth gangsta pimp, or the one where Noel Gugliemi played a cholo that said “homes” every other word.

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