Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The Air In There

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  1. The Beast Among Us

    They will probably make a raft out of Steeeever’s anus next.

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  3. To prove that Korean students have to much air in them?

    Btw. Archimedes principle is a pretty old discovery. It isn’t really that fantastic, that these guys could do this…

  4. Did they at least give some chips to some North Koreans?

  5. Watch out for the ferry!

  6. They should have made a life vest with the bags too. I’d respect them more.

  7. Too much air for what? Chips are sold by weight, not volume, and the air keeps them from getting crushed during shipping.

  8. If your username is StupidDane its your own fault if you get raped

  9. They should have made parachutes out of those bags. Or were they afraid they’d never land?

  10. righteousindignance

    Where did they steal the money to buy all of those bags of chips? Three people probably starved to death over this stunt.

  11. The Beast Among Us

    ^ They’re students, not military. And they’re in the water. Clearly, they are not in the country of North Korea.

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