Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Art of Motherhood

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  1. Is it too late to abort the mothers??

  2. Not sure which is sadder: the fact that they drew a tramp stamp on the baby in #1, or the fact that I am not entirely sure it’s only drawn on.

  3. plz tell me its drawn on… plz

  4. Pretty sure it’s a rub-on.
    It’s not so much that they put it on the baby… I know they’re referred to as “tramp stamps” on women… but to call it that on your toddler daughter? That’s the trashiest part for me. If she had just said “matching mother daughter tattoos” or something, wouldn’t be so bad.

  5. I have a ‘view from bottom’ shot … I did it last week on the company photocopier, mine looks like 3 thighs though.

  6. It’s got to be a transfer. This will be one of those kids who get to put make up on and have their nails painted at age 2.

    I love the pumpkin one. Forgive me!

    Mass FTW! 😀

  7. In about 15 years they can show off their grandmother-mother-daughter tramp stamps. A tradition. Lovely.

  8. MASS, LMAO.

    hellababe, I agree!!

    The pumpkin one is really cute but was it necessary to cut a hole in your clothes??

  9. She needs to take her top off and paint her tits up like gourds. If you’re gonna do it, go all the way.

  10. *please don’t let this comment result in a barrage of lamebook commentors calling me an idiot* – I don’t really understand the 2nd one… Could someone please elaborate?

    And cherry cola, it’s not so much of a shame that she had to cut up her clothes to pull off the pumpkin tummy, those overalls won’t be in style anytime soon…

  11. jellica, the kid has 3 nuts, and his mama is proud.

  12. Ahh of course! A tri-nutted babe!

    Thank you, word. Much appreciated… Some of you regulars can be pretty intimidating sometimes…

  13. lol stever.

    Hey word, hope you’re feeling well and all. At the risk of sounding like I want to get into your pants ( which I do) Any flooding in your area? I keep hearing on the News.



  14. jellica, you’re welcome.

    Hey mass, yeah I’m ok. Some rain, but no flooding where I am. It’s all much further north of here – mostly in Queensland.

  15. jellica, just open up your comments with a reference to your boobs. It eases things up and seldom has negative results. For example ” I was just admiring/caressing my boobs but then had to add I think this post is ridiculous…”

    Stuff like that.

  16. Glad to hear, word ..

    it flooded here in like ’54, Hurricane Hazel… I wasn’t alive then, not physically anyway.

  17. Please don’t be permanent. If there is any kindness in this world, don’t let it be real.

  18. Paint_my_nails_please

    Word, you seem to be in recovery but I’m sorry I missed the news, I’d have made cookies and brought them over.

  19. Oh, I thought the 2nd one was lame because someone wrote “BALL SACK” on facebook…

  20. Wow, wish I could see his face when the baby is born, and sees that what he mistook for balls were actually the feet. Hope he has a girl, because it would be a shame for an idiot like him to be right 🙂

  21. I’d hit that. And for an old chick, the mom doesn’t look too bad either.

  22. mass, the only thing flooding here is my underwear every time I think of you.

  23. I was just sitting here, fondling my exquisite breasts, when I realized that mass gives some good advice and I’m going to follow it from now on

  24. What makes your breasts so exquisite?

  25. ..probably the ass they’re attached to.

  26. Excuse me for one moment please. I have to go change my underwear.

  27. Boxers or briefs?

  28. My boys need support.

  29. Where do you live mass? I’m going to hunt you down.

  30. The baby in the scan doesn’t have 3 testicles – it’s the scrotum and penis. The testicles will still be inside the abdomen.

  31. Paint_my_nails_please, very thoughtful of you. Thanks.

    Walter, you wear a jockstrap?

    mb, I was joking. I’m fairly certain that is not even the groin area. Don’t go getting all Buzzkill.

  32. Wow, and I have to walk my dog on a leash in public. These troglodytes should be forced to do the same…my dog has a better pedigree (and more intelligence) than these remnants.

  33. I could very well be wrong, BUT… I’m pretty sure the ultrasound picture is of a girl. When going to an ultrasound, you always look for a hamburger shape for a girl. Annnnnnnd, that’s normally about what it looks like. I hope it’s a girl. Then they’ll feel like a bigger ass for talking about their daughter’s huge nutbags.

    Oh… and I almost forgot. I just got done fondling my breasts before I typed this. Looking good, ladies.

  34. I feel the urge to carve that pumpkin up and stick a candle inside it.

    Fucking ‘trick or treat’ that you gormless bint.

  35. Not since high school wordy. Just briefs and some duct tape from groin to hip then back to groin and then to other hip nowadays.

  36. I had a similar urge to carve when I first saw that pic, Paranoid.

    Walter, that must hurt like a bitch coming off. Props.

  37. The third photo reminds me of the last time I rodeoed a cowgirl. I flooded her so that she had a belly full of seeds too.

    Are her knees disproportionately chubby compared to the rest of her? C’mon people we haven’t had a ‘fat cunt’ debate in ages get involved!

  38. Gonna have to agree there mofo, size of those arms in comparison to the knees? Little bit outta proportion!

  39. I thought so! The Kneey little slut.

    It’s probably not her fault though, it’ll be genetics, low metabolic rate, not enough doggy style fucking whilst howling on her red raw carpet burnt knees etc…

  40. Or it could be too much doggy style and her body decided that carpet burn was too sore and provided her knees with more layers? 😉

  41. If that were biologically possible my latest poke piece would have an arse that looked like two Humpback whales headbutting each other?

    Nope,.. the only possible solution to this little conundrum is that she spends all her time frigging herself off furiously and never walks to the shops. Lazy wanker.

  42. I’m ok with that story…

  43. poor kid 🙁
    (first one)

  44. @wordpervert
    I drove through the floods last week just before the roads were closed the amount of water around then was bad enough, now its much worse.
    I feel for the people around Toowoomba after yesterdays flash flood.

  45. It’s really, really bad, Troll. Ihe worst ever, I think.

  46. Yes and more rain is on the way.
    I would hate to be anywhere in the lower reaches of Toowoomba all that water has to go somewhere. Also the fact that some places will be underwater for a while yet. The Bruce Hwy will be a mess when the water receeds.

  47. Totally. A few people have died, too, and I’m sure the toll will rise…

  48. Or she’s……retaining water in her legs….making them swollen..
    ’cause you know….shes pregnant.


  49. I thought the pumpkin was cute.

  50. Well, after I covered my breasts with whipped cream, I thought I would say that #2 is definitely NOT the scrotum. It looks more like the baby’s hand, or like someone said before, it could be a girl. Sorry to pop in and out, but I need to go add some chocolate syrup and maybe a festive cherry to this bitch.

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