Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Bieber Fever

Seriously guys, join up.

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  1. “Bieber’s gay”? C’mon people…That shit’s getting old (eh..) and it makes you sound jealous as hell. Unless you’re actually gonna hit it, does it really matter how old he is? And if you like a song, why does it matter how the artist looks? Move it along.

  2. i love malteaser too

    lol lol

  3. I used to call Justin Bieber gay, until I realised how insulting it was towards the gay population of our planet.
    Now I just stick with the whole “sounds-like-a-girl” and “songs-are-generic-pop-crap-and-he-isn’t-old-enough-to-be-singing-about-stuff-like-that” bandwagons.
    And even that is beginning to get old.

  4. The Salmon Mousse

    You tell him Mrs. C! As for Justin Bieber, I have some respect for him; it takes alot of commitment to become a eunuch.

  5. As for the catholic priest thing-I have had a few family members molested by gays on seperate occasions by seperate people, but none by priests. So I certainly feel I have a legitimate reason to feel that there is something wrong with being gay. Just my 2 cents…

  6. FlonkertonChamp1

    wow lenny, are you ignorant. plenty of people get molested by straight people too.

  7. alright…I myself am a bit homophobic…so yea, I think Beaver(lol, I said beaver) is gay. Or at least hasn’t hit puberty yet, which is very odd at 16. Plus I am sick of all of this teen drama bullshit. when you have 12 year old girls and 30 year old girls droolin over you…wait that actually seems pretty damn cool. But he is going to turn out like Ricky Martin a few years and come out the closet after singing all these songs about his love for the female race.

    Pretty hypocritial I say

    Oh and how many 16 year old singers do you see that are still making albums when they are in their mid 20s…not many

  8. FC, obviously. But it sure seems strange that I know more people that have been molested by gays than straights. Why is that?

  9. who the fuck is this kid?

  10. Lenny , maybe you should stay out of the blue oyster bar ?

  11. I don’t go to bars.

  12. Bieber’s mom sucking cock?
    Nah I’m sure it was Beiber himself…

  13. Lenny, I don’t know why your personal experience is different, but the vast majority of child molesters are heterosexual men, and the majority of their victims are girls.

  14. To be honest, the first time I saw Bieber on TV, I was like oh my god that girl is FIT! But then who cares?? So he’s a little feminine? There are plenty of guys who are and there are plenty of masculine women. The line is blurry nowadays anyway. It seems like the only reason people make fun of him is coz he’s famous.
    Rant over.

  15. Oh, you guys must not be Beliebers. lmao

  16. Crap, I just realized both Jonas Brothers AND Justin Bieber are shortened JB…
    So convenient, just say JB and everyone will know you’re not completely OK in your head.

  17. RingingInMyHead

    @missfang – And even more of a coincidence that JB just happens to stand for jail bait!

  18. who friends their mom/dad/grandparents on Facebook? That’s lame and just asking for it!

  19. I have no opinion of this Justin kid (I think he may be a bigger deal in the States than he is in Australia). However, what the fuck does “evict Just Beiber from our gender” have to do with him potentially being gay? If he were gay, wouldn’t he still be a male? Why would him being gay automatically make him a female? Or are they suggesting he’s a butch dyke. I’m confused.

  20. up doe?

  21. @Exploding Minx. The reason that guys believe Justin Bieber should be kicked out of their gender is because he sings like a girl and looks a bit like a girl.

  22. HAHAHAHAHA, the last one! Oh my word!

    -Gods investment in you (His son!) was SO great, he could never abandon you!-

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