Monday, July 30, 2012

The Bus Stops Here

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  1. Did they just “tl;dr” their own status? Also, I don’t think he knows what that means…

  2. He was summing up for those who found the status too long and didn’t want to read it.

  3. Yes, he did “tl;dr” his own status and he knew exactly what it meant. It’s like the cliff notes for what happened: for those who didn’t read it because it was too long and they couldn’t be bothered, a stranger did something today that restored his faith in humanity.

  4. Thank you, Piper. I wrote my comment before I saw yours.

  5. I’m guessing this took place in Australia?

  6. ^ GENIUS!!!!!!!!!

  7. Best thing I ever read.

  8. Ok, except for Shakespeare, Tolstoy et al. I should say best FB status I ever read.

  9. Fake.

  10. As much as I love it, I’ve seen an fb screenprint of this posted by someone else on twitter, got to be fake

  11. ^ Maybe that person was on the same bus? Or maybe this person has a Twitter account, too. Just a thought.

    I was expecting the end as soon as I read, “Yeah, actually. Let’s do this.”

  12. If this is the best thing people have ever read, then they need to read more.

    It’s a lame story even if it is real.

    Man outsmarts dumbass. Big deal.

  13. Yeah, sadly fake. It may have been a true story once upon a time, but it’s been around the block at least the last 10 years or so that I can remember. Bruce Lee even told this one (though in a slightly different form) in an allegory about fighting without fighting. So this lame ass did not witness this event, he’s just a-copy/pasta to make it sound like he did so his friends will think he’s so cool.

  14. What would suck is if Shit-Skull returned the next day with a pistol and shot the bus driver even though it wasn’t his fault.

  15. ^^ Better ending

  16. ^^Except they’re not dumb and paranoid enough to let civilians own handguns in Australia.

  17. Shouldn’t tl;dr be at the top of his post, because if he put the “tl;dr” for people who thought the post was tl;dr, then they never read the “tl;dr” bit… so it’s retarded, redundant and … hey .. on the plus side, at least his copypasta was made out as if he said it.

  18. *wasn’t

  19. Stubbyholder: Exactly my point. That’s why I asked if he even knew what tl;dr meant. Also, his summation of the event was less a summary and more a statement that only makes sense with context. People who didn’t bother reading the drivel would have no idea what his summation is supposed be conveying.

    And my opinion of the post went from “blah” to “ugh” after some other posters mentioned this being a very old internet fake.

  20. a phony story from before the internet…laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaame

  21. Mr. Hero told the bus driver to shut the door and realized that Bitchwhore was still on the bus, then everyone except for Mr.Anus, gangbanged the “daddyslittlegirl.” Mr.Anus only finger fucked her.

    Finger out of the window? ……. Pussy!

  22. ^ This is a good story, Frank. And then, three hours later, they let her off the bus without her clothes so she could search for Shit-Skull naked.

  23. ^Oops!

  24. Oh, sorry. Fake.

  25. Not fake. I know the guy who wrote it. Absolutely genuine and happened on Saturday 28th. Sorry to disappoint those who thought they were topshit and tried to call “fake”.

  26. So your buddy’s a filthy lying cunt…no worries mate, shit happens all the time here. Our word against yours, majority wins bro!

  27. fuck you, capn.
    seems genuine enough to me.
    AND the bus driver was a foreign, too, so that makes you a racist or something.

    look, all I know for sure is that the bogan should have been thrown under the bus – not off it. so I have to call fail. sorry, but I don’t make the rules.

  28. Correct me if I’m wrong, but we’re talking Brisbane, aren’t we, olh12345?
    And I’m guessing it’s gotta be the south side of Brissie. Ooh, or like Ipswich.

    Also, stubby and deviant, not that I promote the use of TLDR, but I believe some lazy bastards just jump straight to the end of posts instead of reading the entire thing. They’re the same people who, in highschool, read the first and last chapter of a book instead of the whole thing. They’re easy to spot: unkempt, smelling of sour liquor, waiting for the TAB to open at 9:30am every weekday.

  29. Whoops, nearly forgot.

    ^ #28 TLDR? People are mostly shit.

  30. #25 – I wasn’t referring to the story. I had mistaken Fakenstein for Frankenstein. I figured my apology and correction would throw someone off, but I didn’t think it would happen so quickly.

  31. T1000 was all up in this thread with his “Fake” bullshit before your comment, beatus.

  32. Oh, I know. I think mine was the straw that broke the camel’s back, though.

  33. 9 fucked shit-skull in the ass

  34. I just want to know why the obligatory post defender has a password for a name?

  35. beatus, I am deeply offended you thought that inane pile of shit was me.

    Bacchante, he said the valley so I’m guessing Fortitude?

    And finally, this story made me smile. For all you “fakers” up the front: no, this is not the first time brains has triumphed over bogan and it wont be the last. Doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.

  36. My sincere apologies to the real Frankie.

  37. Just because the story is old, doesn’t mean this is fake. Perhaps the hero had heard the story before?

    I know, crazy right? Random guy on the bus has apparently heard a story that has been around since “before the internet”!

  38. absolutely

  39. Hey, “killall”.

    Is it your embarrassment over your micropenis that makes you have to write such stupid shit or is it the sperm congealing in your belly that causes you to write like a retarded circus chimp?

    Just curious, ballbag.

  40. ^ It’s KillAll’s insignificance in real life that makes him believe that anything he contributes here, no matter how inane or just plain ridiculous, will mean that his life had meaning. Coz, you know, the internet lasts forever. This is his legacy.

  41. correct

  42. KillAll = T1000. That’s the only way to logically explain the fact that two – count them, TWO – sub-human, chromosome-lacking, damaged chunks of DNA actually survived any kind of natural selection, and have made it onto the interwebz.

    I mean, there JUST CAN’T be TWO! Right?? Oh, wait.

  43. tl;dr. was it good?

  44. Hell to the YEAH!

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