Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Circle of Life

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  1. I wonder if that position is in the Kamasutra

  2. Shaun is the mann..

  3. I swear I just saw this picture somewhere else

  4. Awesome story ^

  5. Raiseyourglass, I did too. It was at one of those fail sites.

  6. ^but why? Surely this isn’t a fail? It only needs the broken-hearted tears of small terrified children and it’s like being in the actual movie.

  7. mind you, I am incredibly high right now….

  8. Meeeeeeoowwwww

  9. I like that… BRAVO SHAUN!

  10. When I saw this, I was about to click ‘like’ then remembered this was Lamebook, not Facebook. First time LB’s properly amused me in a while, great post!

  11. Long live the king…

  12. “squiffy”…You idiot. You can click like, or dislike. At this particular moment, 500 people who read this post knew that. How does it feel to know that you are the number 1 stupid idiot out of at least 501 people? What a petard.

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