Wednesday, November 5, 2014

The Doctor’s Orders

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  1. MURICA!

  2. Flu shots lower your bodies natural defenses against the flu. The only thing funny about this post is that a Dr. thinks these people are stupid.

  3. so much for patient confidentiality

  4. Twitterbook.
    Twitter will be responsible for massive drop in IQ points of the youth over the next decade. Remember kids, we all can’t work at Taco Bell.

  5. madness1992
    are you a doctor or a virologist, or how come you know more than them about the flu shot?

    there is NO confidentiality broken if names are not exposed

    c’mon people…

  6. @madness1992: Ah, another internet anon with a PhD…


  7. I will be the first to admit that Dr’s know more than I do, starting with how much money is to be made off of flu vaccinations

  8. And you don’t need a PhD to read scientifically proven information.

  9. God, grant me the serenity…….

  10. madness1992, did you personally proved that info or did you read it on the internet, so it must be true??
    And obviously vaccines are a business, you want them for free?

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  12. Puromex
    I used an internet search engine and clicked on several of the top answers, only to confirm what I already knew. You can do it too, or not.

  13. Puromex
    In regards to me wanting them for free, I don’t want them at all at this stage of my life.

  14. @madness
    You have to be an extra special kind of stupid to believe that flu shots lower the body’s immune system to the virus. Flu shots ARE essentially the virus, allowing the immune system to build up defences to it naturally. Anyway, I’m not going to waste too much time on someone who has clearly ignored reality to form their opinion. I don’t know what search engine you used and what you verbage searched, but if you google stuff like “flu vaccine facts” or “flu vaccine myths” and used some deductive reasoning, you would have a largely different world view. So yeah, enjoy your bubble of ignorance or step out here with the rest of us.

  15. Really…

    Sure, there will always be companies trying to make money of vaccines, be they flu shots or others. That does NOT make the flu shots themselves pointless or fake. The reason you are not getting sick without flu shots is most likely because most other people around you are vaccinated. The are whole grouups of people who do not believe in vaccines getting sick because of this, while everyone else isn’t. They also never claimed you will be completely immune after you get the shot (it is close to impossible to achieve 100% immunity, this goes for most diseases out there), it only lowers the chance for it.

    So, you go ahead the way you are doing now, but you better hope noone else does.

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