Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The End of Times!

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  1. Brutal. Guys; put a rubber on.

  2. Ty puts it well.

  3. No glove, no love.

  4. “From our grade”??? Holy balls, how old are these people?

  5. If you found out someone you slept with could’ve potentially given you herpes, why would you comment on that status admitting that you could potentially have herpes?

  6. yes, a guy who just found out that the skank he got with has herpes is going to jokingly comment on a status and milk in a few ‘likes’

  7. Its funny because it is true

  8. I don’t get why so many of these herpes posts get put up here anymore. It’s more than likely that the majority of those guys already have herpes considering 90% of the population has type one and most people get it before they’re five years old.

  9. Wow Casey is raging bitch. Isn’t there some sort of law that doesn’t allow people to publicly broadcast someone’s private medical information?

  10. There is a law that keep doctors from broadcasting someone’s private medical information, but not ordinary people. Michelle R is, however, legally required to tell individuals she is about to sleep with that she has herpes, so if she failed to tell Tom/Paul/Zach/Matt/whoever else, then she is legally at fault for spreading a disease, which is a felony, I believe. She sounds more like a raging bitch than Casey…

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