Friday, July 8, 2011

The Flava of Luv

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  1. First?

  2. slappysquirrel

    ya its pretty good, hey flava, im goin to kfc in a little while, you want anything?

  3. me thinks u is smokin dope while writin that post too yung flava,nd a lil bit of acid mybe

  4. “damn this girl mus b sum kinda mottel!!”

    Made me laugh. Mottel, ha! hahahahahaha! Mottel ≠ Model you fucking crunk

  5. I was thinking mottel as in motel.
    Perhaps the sleazy pay by the hour motel?
    Maybe the flea bag dump motel.

  6. Maybe the mottel is where he raped her so tightly.

  7. I found this hard work to read, would be funny if it wasn’t for the fact that this knobhead will probably breed.

  8. This is the most boring Friday ever. Even the internet is uneventful

  9. Good fucking god…*barf*

  10. slappysquirrel

    totally just got flava a 3 piece meal from kfc, with all the fixin’s

  11. Is “chain rape” code for something?

  12. It was a sweet attempt…and would have been fine had he been able to spell and use Grammar. x_X Oh please, none of you can act disgusted, unless you have no heart or emotions, you say this stuff to you significant other as well. True love means you’re not afraid to shout it from the roof tops and make up public with words, without PDA of course.

  13. and by public, I don’t actually mean around people…just online. Not literally get on a roof and shout >_>

  14. So it that Flavor Fav’s kid then?

    Wait .. I guess that would be Flava Jr.

  15. You know know you make me wanna, shout! Yeah yeah, shout! Yeah yeah right, shout!

    Keona this is your fault! Now it’ll be stuck in my head for the rest of the day!!!

  16. Dear God, Keona, are you saying that you say stuff like this to your “significant other” on Facebook? And are you saying that not being afraid to do so is the meaning of “true love”? And why am I even asking these questions when I already know the answers?

  17. Cool. I apparently don’t have any heart or emotions. My boyfriend will be so pleased when I tell him.

  18. If my SO said that stuff to me on Facebook, I’d unfriend him.

    If Young Flava isn’t smoking dope then he’s on something way stronger. Or he’s just an idiot.

  19. lol Wordy, well this would apply if my SO had a FB account. He’s not into the social networking hype. My philosophy is, is if someone doesn’t want to see it, (which I would leave it as a note) then they don’t have to click on it. Not like I’m holding a gun to their head and say “read my lovey dovey shit!”

    @lex I apologise haha.

  20. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Word, when did we start reading Keona‘s comments? I thought we all just skipped over them.

  21. Is this the same guy from some time ago that you only see once a year? That’ll add fuel to the note, I want to read them. Wanna post a link?

  22. Not really following what you’re saying there, Keona. Never mind.

    Yesterday, Dukey. A momentary lapse.

  23. “our love doesn’t have no sealing”… like… a hymen? …or the pedobear seal of approval? …or just plain marriage?

  24. Yep, this guy is definitely black. I shall go to KFC and find him so I can kill him.

  25. You mean to say 12 months is almost a year?!?! No waaayyyyy. Man, you learn some new shit everyday.
    What I really wanna learn though is how I can rape some chains round some yung mottel so tightly that there will be no sealing to our love. But hey, maybe I don’t have the right flava to do that. Add some salt and pepper?

  26. I must be getting old. I gave up after one line

  27. wandr, you missed out. At one point it said raped instead of wrapped. I’ve never seen anything like it.

  28. TsDr

  29. Too sappy? Too sexy? Terminally stupid?

    Really? Raped? Ah ah!


    Maybe I’m just PMS’d

  30. May 21 was on a Saturday this year, why does it say Thursday?

  31. Laugh it up, smartasses. I don’t care lol. All the newcomers will see how you attack people without reason, just because you disagree, and they will all start on you. Or, you know, stop being asses? Or, people can tarnish your “””””Good names””””” (sorry, I use that term so loosely for you few, that I had to use super quotes.

    @Saffer I don’t actually write lovey notes. That’s pointless since my bf can’t see them. =P

  32. Wow…black people like fried chicken? I’ve never bothered to read the comments on here and man…your jokes are beyond tired. I didn’t think I could read anything worse than the actual post, but I have to say that your sad attempt at mockery left me more depressed than whatever public school system failed poor flav. At least his was from the heart.

  33. He wanted to have sex on the first date ? He must be crazy ! Oh no, I guess it’s just his flava.

    No sealing in that love.

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