Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Great Mushroom Field

Mushroom Field

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  1. I guess alien crop clearings have gone digital and pornographic – finally they’re speaking our language.

  2. It looks a bit infected

  3. blue balls? yeah not too healthy…

  4. So he has blue balls and he is jizzing. Something about this isn’t right.

  5. Hilarious

  6. I see a blue eyed man sniffing coke. My eyes refuse to see anything else.

  7. i wish i had a little house and mushrooms on my…

  8. Haha, I like that. Not lame.

  9. I’m pretty sure this has something to do with Brett and Maria.

  10. @fooliswolf – thought the same thing myself, perhaps Brett getting one over lamebook? Sucks for him if he’s on here twice…

  11. By the fuck! She didn’t want to go to Homecoming with him then?

  12. Ejaculation
    Should not be executed
    Near farm animals

  13. Maybe she did go to homecoming with him and this is an illustration of what happened afterwards, his way of letting us Lamebookers know the outcome of his endeavours!

  14. What the hell is that thing on his penis? Is it pierced? Or is that a tiny man?

  15. @ Boz

    I think it might be genital warts. Ask Selina, she’s an expert now.

  16. @ Boz, yes, it’s the little farmer.

    Why is there no name to this photo?

  17. I guess if you’re gonna annoy people with stupid farmville updates, at least make it funny.

  18. @Jax

    I don’t want a little farmer on my penis! This is terrible!

  19. w1n!

  20. Nice bellend

  21. cock pajamas

  22. I think he’s over compensating..

  23. LMAO

  24. gees

  25. @ Nosie

    That’s not how you spell “jizz”.

  26. @ canuck

    A poor attempt at trying to write a cutting, ‘humourous’, lamebook-punch-line style retort.

  27. Oh Mr Haiku, I just broke an organ.

  28. Blue balls like a bitch
    And WTF is there a man on that penis!?

  29. oh for the love of pete, rick roll’d, we get it. you’re unappealing. good for you.

  30. That’s classy.

  31. Hahahaha

  32. hahahahaha

  33. AWESOME!!!1!!!111!!

    That is WIN!!

  34. that’s definitely not even farmville….

  35. it’s farm town
    came out before farmville

  36. this land has for sure been fertilized

  37. Makes total sense, because Farmville BLOWS!

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