Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Hairless Creature

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  1. Nice name ????

  2. … at least he wore a T-shirt… Captain Awesome-nopants.

  3. Couldn’t the person who submitted this left it for a while? I would have loved to have seen some of the comments.

  4. It’s a fake – the original photo (uncropped) is all over the web.

  5. Have you run out of new material, Lamebook? You’ve posted this before as part of a Background Checks post. And not only have you recycled it, but it now warrants a post on its own? Very, very lazy.

  6. That cat looks like a dog anyway, so it’s not even funny.

  7. LOL @Walter. I am pretty sure it has nothing to do with the cat and more about the jackass with no pants taking the picture.

  8. I always undress to use my camera. ALWAYS

  9. supercrap ‘shop job. nothing else in his apartment is reflected. this wouldn’t fool my blind granny.

  10. Lamebook, I hate all your jokes so I am going to continue to participate in your community, bring you site traffic and ensure that I am up to date on all archives. So there!

  11. @MsAnneThrope

    Your blind granny was fooled by my little penis so ha!

  12. @MsAnneThrope

    But now im sad.

  13. @MsAnne – it’s not shopped, only the things the sun is shining on through the window are being reflected in the window… (like him, and the cat, and the window sill…) Kinda hard for things that aren’t illuminated to reflect…

  14. look mowwy, I’ve seen a few ‘shops in my time and let me tell you…the pixels…

  15. Of course it is shopped, there are huge pixels right in the middle of the screen.

  16. @jaxmagicman…Are you serious? You mean the pixels they use to cover the penis? Jackwagon.

  17. According to the pixel placement, it’s pretty small.

    Reminds me of when I was walking down a street coming back from a store. At the end of a street was a two story house, and a completely naked man(socks only) man was leaning his hand on a tall window, looking out at the neighborhood.
    I walked down the street, head turned in the opposite direction of him until I got off the block.

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