Friday, October 2, 2009

The L(ame) Word

The L Word

The L Word

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  1. hahah @49 fucking epic.

  2. @ 49, Lmfao.

  3. Is it wrong to get turned on by this?

  4. @slanderous

    no, i am too. i want to see these girls do to make up.

  5. Oh my God 🙂 LOL !

    “Goodbye World”
    “Where you going hun?”

    Epic fail.

  6. FlamingMoeLamingFoe

    Yeah I so much liked that one too 😀

  7. spankthemonkey

    @31 – you cracked me up, i spat out my v when I read your comment.

    And yes, I realise this is an old post…anyone find out what happened?

    @56 – LOVE the name!

  8. John Players Standard

    Fucking love dykes. Got two that live across the street from me.

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