Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Late and Great

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  1. Sex offender list for life…Is it really worth it?!

  2. Oh and 2nd….Do I get a prize?!

  3. Yes, it was totally worth it. That is a bonus.

  4. peeeeeveeerrrrr

  5. The first one reminds me of the movie “Horrible Bosses”

  6. comparethemeerkat

    Nah, not a sex offender in the UK. Just drunk and disorderly. Although I’m not sure why he didnt go tinkle in Hype Park, which is literally round the corner.

  7. Why would one be a sex offender for peeing? Is there a place where law is like that? Now, where would such a stupid country be? Let’s see.. hmm. Usa?

  8. Exposing oneself is a sex crime apparently. Who’d’ve thunk?

  9. Yes, he’s a pee-dophile!

    Ok, please yourself.

  10. ‘Too drunk to sign’ and the officers appear unable to string a proper sentence together.

    And yet, reading this, my heart is swelling with happiness and pride for living in this country!

    Hey, at least the cops here don’t beat you with batons / tazer you for pissing in the street, right? Right?

  11. I instantly thought this was N’awlins. I guess if LA has laws that require you to register as a sex offender (which I didn’t confirm/dispute)for urinating in public, almost all of New Orleans would be registered.

  12. I don’t know about other sections of the US, but here in the south you do did registered as a sex offender for indecent exposure because – and I don’t know the exact wording – if it’s done outside kid’s are in the viscinity and it’s considered exposing yourself to them.

  13. And in response to Westerngirl, I live about 45 min from NO, so I’m pretty sure it carries over there as well

  14. I don’t know how many kids would be around a school at 5.50am on a Sat morning. Stupid cops.

  15. Americans are just idiots. Period.

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