Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Logical Haunted House

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  1. Hilarious Greg! Just saying!

  2. I’d scare them AND myself by saying shit like, “WATCH ME FUCK MYSELF UP WITH THIS KNIFE!”

  3. ^ It’d be fun to watch you bleed out and be taken away by the ambulance shortly after!

  4. Funny shit, Stever! That’s epic.

  5. Hahaha @ 4. I’ve seen it all..

  6. If he did that, I’d be his own fault should he be raped.

  7. Zatknis, i’d die. There are ambulances where i’m from but you’d catch your ass trying to find a driver for them. And even if you got a driver for them they would take too long to respond to the call and i’d still die.

  8. ^I was only trying to be optimistic…

  9. I hate I hate Stever

    I haven’t got a problem with you I love Stever, it’s that I hate Stever who’s a fucking prick!

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  11. ^^^ well….I’m PC so I guess I’m out.

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