Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Man has a Point…

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  1. pwnd.

  2. meh

  3. STEVER??

  4. That profile picture is legen… wait for it…

  5. DARY!

  6. Just because he’s gay doesn’t mean he can’t point out when other people look gay.

  7. Amen mad2physicist, calling a black guy gay is as bad as calling him a n*gger. If any races hates homosexuals the most, it’s the black folk. Shit they even hate each other.

  8. Neil Patrick Harris on a unicorn gives me a lady-boner.

  9. Unicorns give me a man-lady-boner. That means they make my man-nipples hard.

  10. Why would anyone, gay or otherwise, have that picture as their profile picture, unless they are Neil Patrick Harris?

  11. Actually vag, I was suggesting that Sonny is gay, but still has the right to point out gay-looking individuals. Also if blacks aren’t gay then why do they perform so much buttr@pe in prison?

    Veloc, it makes more sense than putting a picture of your ugly baby as your profile pic.

  12. Because Neal Patrick Harris is a goddamned bad ass, that’s why.

  13. Walter Sobchak gives me a lady-nipple-face boner.

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