Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Misunderstood Samaritan

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  1. Sounds perfect. You get to pat your self on the back in a self-righteous prick way, without having to do any of the work. win-win.

  2. when you look like an asshole, don’t be surprised when people treat you like one.

  3. I bet he was black

  4. Ha go windsor!

  5. No rape jokes. Not cool.

  6. But seriously; if she does think you’re about to rape her in broad daylight, with an audience…what does that say about your look and appearance?

  7. ^good point. Why did he have a hard-on?

  8. I saw “tentacle monster” and immediately thought he was referring to me

  9. Super douchey. I wonder if this guy realizes that 1/6 of women will be victims of rape and having a fear of strange men approaching a woman when she’s vulnerable is pretty valid. Especially if something like that has already happened to her. I mean, sure there were cars there then, but assumedly they would drive off after he pushed her car into the parking lot. And most people ignore crimes if they see them happening because they don’t wanna be involved or hurt. And lastly, why do people always pull this flattery bull shit? Cat calls are flattering, rape is somehow flattering. Only attractive women get raped. What?

  10. hey joja, great to read your views on lamebook.

  11. I agree with the poster. That’s fine if she has concerns, but at least crack the window and give an explanation that you aren’t comfortable taking assistance from strangers. Also, she’s probably in more danger from the road-raged people behind her for not allowing the car to be rolled out of the middle of the road.

  12. It’s a funny world we live in…

  13. I can’t believe the comments supporting that cunt. Cunts.

  14. remember ladies: if this ever happens to you, and someone comes and offers to push your car out of the road for you, be sure to remind them whether or not you want to be raped, in case they aren’t sure.

  15. I understand the woman. But the poster makes a point, especially if he was going to push the car to a shopping mall. However, when rape statics are surprising like 1/4 woman, it’s something to be concerned about. Most rapes re by people you know…but its something to keep in mind. It’s sad we live in a day in age when we can’t trust people. Maybe she was raped, that would raise ones awareness and be more guarded or knew a victim? I don’t blame her she did what she though was right.

    And to respond to his question, yes a lot of rapists act as good Samaritans… Serial killers like Ted buddy do it all the time.

  16. The “don’t flatter yourself” comment is offensive. Being raped is not a compliment.

  17. I guess the fact that he had the word, “RAPIST,” printed in big, bold yellow letters across the front of his dark blue hoodie really had nothing to do with it.

  18. So accept that some people are fearful, get back in your truck, and go home. Enough with the long explanations of every fucking thing that happens during everyone’s day.

  19. How does someone that paranoid manage to leave their house every day?

  20. #9 The statistics are currently 1 in 6 women get raped OR SEXUALLY ASSAULTED over the course of their lifetime. However those statistics are skewed pretty severly by pretty shaky data. For instance if both people are wasted then it’s pretty dificult to classify that as rape. As neither of the people are in the proper set of mind for consent to be given they are either both victims or neither of them are victims. The majority of what you have left are victims of child abuse in which case most of the time it is someone known to the victim not a stranger. So yes this guys arguments are correct and perectly valid.

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