Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Most Influential Wha?

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  1. StupidDane???

  2. StupidDane is Dejohn, Dejohn is StupidDane. Let the rape fest commence.

  3. It’s your own fault….oh wait.

  4. If you keep believing in me being a bad-ass black rapper, it’s your own fault if you get raped!

  5. ^ you killed it.

  6. I hope this fella is legit…god help us all if people like him continue to contaminate the gene pool!

  7. Influential rapers, the most philosophical of all rapers.

  8. Raper’s Delight

  9. Dane…
    You had one job on this post.
    Type 😉 and win. Fucking idiot.
    America. Shit ain’t difficult.

  10. Would have been more convincing if that status rhymed a little. Also, not having a name that sounds like mustard would help. And not having friends named Friend.

  11. I don’t do rapes.

    I just warn people on what not to do.

    Of course, americans are allready doomed. But if I can save just one person from the rest of the world, my mission is a succes.
    Stop bringing rape upon yourself!

  12. ^this was your chance to go 2/187 but now you’re still stuck at 1/187. just let someone else take over the barely-necessary/appropriate rape theme.

  13. You wanna know what’s great about this post and comments?
    Absofuckinglutely nothing.
    Well, save for one minor detail: I didn’t have to see Stever comment yet.

  14. Ratchet-ass Dejohn.

  15. I love how DeJohn says PERIOD. And then adds PLEASE….. after that very final period.

    This is a great detail that says much of the man DeJohn.

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