Friday, November 16, 2012

The Nuke

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  1. Do it!

    After all, smeller’s the feller.

  2. God wishes he had that kind of power.

  3. He should have let it slip out slowly and film peoples reaction as the smell hits them. It always starts with a nose twitch, a shuffle in the seat, a quick glance around as if there’s going to be a miraculous green haze leading back to the culprit, before they finally turn their attentions to their mate and say “have you farted? You dirty little fucker”.

  4. Fake.

  5. ^you’re an idiot

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  7. ^you fucking merely exploit your laptop?!? that’s seriously messed up…

  8. 嘿中国他妈的关闭和找其他巨魔

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  10. Kids? You were allowed to procreate?

  11. T2000 has two more targets that I won’t be missing.

  12. I think ‘my kids’ would refer to the ones Dwight procured, not ones he has created himself. You have a van with blacked out windows and a stock of lollies and gaffer tape don’t you Dwight?

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